Windows 7 Heck :-(

First of all Hello to everyone this is my first ever forum post so please bear with me. I have managed to obtain through College a copy of Windows 7 x64 for £5.00 to replace Vista 64 Ultimate which has performed absolutely solidly over the past 6 months.
Now for the bad news Windows 7 BSOD,s whenever it feels like it. Microsoft has given me one big pile of GOO code and I can,t fix it Every error lists ntoskrnl.exe. I have updated all my drivers, downclocked the System, Reinstalled via DVD, USB ect but still the error persists please can somebody help and I am sorry to have to ask if this problem has already been dealt with but I am all out of options and may have to return to Vista 64 if I cant resolve this issue. Sorry again for the long winded post :(

Joe S

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Was Windows 7 on an actual disk or was it downloded and burned to disk. If it was downloaded try reburning a 4 X or lowest speed available. I lot people have run into problems from burning faster.

Yes it was burned to disk then I loaded the ISO onto my USB flash drive and installed from that. By the way I downloaded Windows 7 from the College server Build 7400 and had the same problems that I have now with build 7600 both were clean installs ect thanks for the reply

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