Windows 7 help


I use software (proprietary) that will only run on Windows XP or Windows Vista.
I understand Windows 7 has a feature whereby I will be able to use the software if Windows 7 is my operating system, is this correct?

Also, if this is the case does this limit the functionality of other software (running at the same time) that can work with Windows 7?

I'm looking to upgrade my I.T. with a new laptop that will come with Windows 7 pre-installed. Don't want to go down that route if my software won't work on it!

Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks in advance.


If you are talking about the XP compatability mode then yes it is included but only in Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate. Of course with all versions you still have the compatability tab in the properties.

Thanks simpod.

What is the difference between "compatability mode" and "compatability tab"?

I didn't think my questions would present the community with difficulty.

Or have I posted my questions in the wrong forum? Perhaps there is an official Windows 7 support forum somewhere that someone could direct me to?


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