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Ok first things first I'm sorry for the vague title but I don't know how else to describe it. Also I'm on my iPod touch typing this so please forgive crappy grammer or spelling.

Now my problem, it started when I took my laptop to work. I booted up like always. But I noticed that my aero theme was turned off, which was weird. I didn't think much of it til I realized that I was not able to turn it back on. While looking around I also realized that it wasn't recognizing my sound devicea either, i.e. Speakers and mic nor my wireless adapter. So I was like ok.... This is weird. I rebooted the comp thnking that might fix it which it didn't. I had my friend take a look and he couldn't find anything either. So with no solution I decided that a format and reinstall might work. After hours of backing up and installing 7, it fnished installing and everything was working. Until a day later when I was not able to connect to virtual disk service. It gave me this error which google told me to run sfc /scannow. But the scan would not start and gave me an error too. So maybe it was something I installed and I rebooted. But when it rebooted I was greeted by no aero like before alng with the same problem of most of my hardware not working. Since formatting and reinstalling 7 worked once I guess this is a software issue. I have not updated 7 since installing. Oh and also this problem disables me from running system restore. So ya... I need to fix it somehow. Can't keep reinstallng 7. It's too time consuming and impractical. If anyone can help me, it would really be great. Thanks in advance.

Can you provide your system model and please confirm if your operating system is a 64 or 32 bit.


I noticed in device manager there are three base system device under other devices that have a yellow triangle with exclamation on them. I don't have net access on the comp so u can't update them yet. But i can use brothers comp to download and move it over. Could this be the cause of my problems?

It's a toshiba a305d laptop with 64 bit w7

Did you do anything prior to this issue so I can troubleshoot.

Well I spent the whole day today reinstalling all my programs from after the format and reinstall of 7 along with drivers for my video card. I played some day of defeat source and starcraft 2. I plugged in my 500 gb external and realized it took a letter that I didn't like. So I went to reassign the letter for the drive in virtual disk drive, and it gave me an error.

Well, if you were only experiencing a problem with AERO then I would tell you to stop programs running in the background to correct this issue, but seen as you're experiencing issues from your wireless devices and such there's no doubt in my mind that it's a problem with windows, and problem that I can't help solve.The fact that you repaired windows and you're still experiencing the same issue says it all... I would suggest you contact your computer brand ASAP to see if they can correct this issue, and if they can't, they usually HAVE to replace your windows unless you don't have warranty.

I'm sorry I was of no help, but I hope I helped point out the origin of the issue. Please contact your customer support.

If you have any questions or need further support feel free to ask!

Well I think it's a driver issue. All three of the base system devices have the hardware id

Oh and before having the problem for the first time, I used the windows 7 for a long time like 6 months without having any problems with it.

Well, in this case, this only means one thing, you're drivers are interfering with each other. I'm not to sure how to correct this issue. Did you try to uninstall your drivers and reinstalling them, or installing new drivers?

well those three devices, I can't really do anything to them. It says that it has a problem and does not need drivers or something, its very confusing.

Well I can't install the drivers for these three. I read on google that it could be a card reader, so I installed drivers for that, but it didn't help. I also read that it could be chipset errors, but I'm confused what chipset.

well on google it said that it was a ricoh card reader. I downloaded the 64 bit driver for it and installed it, but i still see three base system devices, while the ricoh driver has been installed as well.

sorry for posting so many times, I didn't realize that it went onto page 2.

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