Windows 7 Home Basic Netbook Edition Installation Errors

So, I have been browsing the internet lately for a solution to my problem for installing Windows 7 Home Basic for Netbooks via a 16GB SanDisk Flashdrive formatted in FAT if im not mistaken. I have a copy of the ISO on my DataCenter, and I have used my MacBook Pro (2.66 GHz 8GB RAM, 500G HDD, Intel Core i7 Late 2010),
to create a usb boot disk to install Windows 7 on 2 netbooks (Working on one of them now, ASUS 1005HA, Intel(R) Atom CPU N270 @1.60GHz, with 1024MB of RAM)

I have had no luck transferring the iso to a Windows PC to properly create the boot disk so I resorted to do it on my Mac. Before, when I transferred the .iso to a Sony Vaio to make it up there, the install couldn't get past 35% without saying "the boot disk is missing files, please check to make sure all installation files are on the boot disk."

So I did it on my Mac and have gotten past the first 4 check marks on the Windows 7 Installation until it gets to installing features, and then it gave me the error (I don't remember the code) of Windows could not set the offline locale infromation. I have never encountered this error when installing with my Windows 7 Home Basic for Netbooks disc before, and I don't know what the problem is. I tried re-formatting the internal HDD disk, and re-installing again, but at about 25% of installing Windows, it gave me the error from before of "boot disk is missing files."

I am a fluent Windows user and have done many installs via Optical Drive with the ISO on a disc, but I am having no luck with a flash-drive. So I am wondering about 3 different things.

1. Is it possibly the formatting of the USB flash-drive, and do I need to re-format it to possibly FAT-32 or NTFS, to create a proper boot disk.

2. Is it possibly, somewhere along my travels with my DataCenter and moving the Windows 7 HB .iso file, that it became corrupt, and I need to somehow make or find a new .iso file for my edition of Windows 7

3. Is it possible the HDD inside both of the netbook's is corrupt (which I find somewhat unlikely since both of them are producing this error.)

Thank-you for any help you guys can provide I have been stumped on this one since late last night.


Hello bthebird,

You need to use the Microsoft USB tool, as it formats the thumb drive for you as it creates the bootable thumb drive from the ISO.
This was a suggestion by one of our Admins, Trouble.

Hope this helps



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Article here How To Setup a USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 7 - How-To Geek
link is broken apparently for the microsoft tool, try here Microsoft Store Online you may need to have an account
There are multiple resources on line to acquire the Microsoft tool as well, here is one from CNet Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool - CNET

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