Windows 7 Home Basic Netbook Edition Installation Errors

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by bthebird, Aug 11, 2012.

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    So, I have been browsing the internet lately for a solution to my problem for installing Windows 7 Home Basic for Netbooks via a 16GB SanDisk Flashdrive formatted in FAT if im not mistaken. I have a copy of the ISO on my DataCenter, and I have used my MacBook Pro (2.66 GHz 8GB RAM, 500G HDD, Intel Core i7 Late 2010),
    to create a usb boot disk to install Windows 7 on 2 netbooks (Working on one of them now, ASUS 1005HA, Intel(R) Atom CPU N270 @1.60GHz, with 1024MB of RAM)

    I have had no luck transferring the iso to a Windows PC to properly create the boot disk so I resorted to do it on my Mac. Before, when I transferred the .iso to a Sony Vaio to make it up there, the install couldn't get past 35% without saying "the boot disk is missing files, please check to make sure all installation files are on the boot disk."

    So I did it on my Mac and have gotten past the first 4 check marks on the Windows 7 Installation until it gets to installing features, and then it gave me the error (I don't remember the code) of Windows could not set the offline locale infromation. I have never encountered this error when installing with my Windows 7 Home Basic for Netbooks disc before, and I don't know what the problem is. I tried re-formatting the internal HDD disk, and re-installing again, but at about 25% of installing Windows, it gave me the error from before of "boot disk is missing files."

    I am a fluent Windows user and have done many installs via Optical Drive with the ISO on a disc, but I am having no luck with a flash-drive. So I am wondering about 3 different things.

    1. Is it possibly the formatting of the USB flash-drive, and do I need to re-format it to possibly FAT-32 or NTFS, to create a proper boot disk.

    2. Is it possibly, somewhere along my travels with my DataCenter and moving the Windows 7 HB .iso file, that it became corrupt, and I need to somehow make or find a new .iso file for my edition of Windows 7

    3. Is it possible the HDD inside both of the netbook's is corrupt (which I find somewhat unlikely since both of them are producing this error.)

    Thank-you for any help you guys can provide I have been stumped on this one since late last night.

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    Hello bthebird,

    You need to use the Microsoft USB tool, as it formats the thumb drive for you as it creates the bootable thumb drive from the ISO.
    This was a suggestion by one of our Admins, Trouble.

    Hope this helps

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