Windows 7 Windows 7 Home detects microphone, but will not recognize sound.

Jim Pivonka

New Member
Feb 4, 2013
I'm unable to use my Logitech microphone at all. I have Realtek sound drivers and windows says it's updated to the latest already, I've also played around with the settings a bit too, increasing boost levels, etc. etc. the headset I'm able to use for windows xp though! not windows 7. when i go to the sound options, it detects the microphone put in, it just doesn't pick up sound at all.

This is a Labtec mikrophone, on a Dell computer with an up to date Windows 7 Home install.

Other threads on this issue are still unresolved, after several years!


Is this a headset with mic combo deal or is this two different pieces of hardware? Does the mic have an inline mute/on/off switch?