Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Freezes every chance it can get

I'm tasked with fixing this laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Build 7600 because of issues with it 'crashing'.
Found it to be freezing randomly.

I would log in, do nothing and let the system sit there and it would freeze eventually, I would be able to move the cursor but I could not click on anything.
When I try to do something it freezes and I cannot click on anything except I can manipulate some windows that I have had opened, but when I minimize them into the toolbar they are gone and can't click on them, can't even alt tab.

I tried to use Windows Update but it freezes before anything got done.
Then I got the idea to boot into safe mode and try an update from there but Microsoft in it's infinite wisdom decided to disable Windows Update for Safemode because honestly, who would want to download crash/bug fixing updates for their buggy and crashing system in Safemode?

Then I got the idea to download the updates in Safemode with Networking and then install them. But nope! Again Microsoft in it's infinite wisdom also disabled the installer.

I then got the idea to enable the hidden Administrator account and tried to boot into that account, NOPE!
It freezes at the Welcome loading screen.

This crashing doesn't occur in safe mode, I tried disabling all start up programs several times but before I can restart the computer freezes. It boots just fine in safe mode.

I want to avoid doing a full reformat because I'm sure the issue is that this system needs to be updated and a reformat would only leave me in the same damn situation I am at now.
That and I would have to back everything up on this system.

So, any advice right now would be nice.
Right now I disabled pretty much of everything that starts up when booting in normal mode to see if that helps, did it in safe mode.



I'm making some progress, Administrator account is able to boot, but taking a long time, got access to Task Manager.
Explorer shell wouldn't load and froze, had to close the process and start it again, finally booted and have the full GUI.

I'm finally making headway but I'm expecting that wall any time soon.
The computer is sluggish when opening new windows, it's probably imminent.

I found the wall!
Error Found:
Code 80240016 Windows Update is currently installing other updates. Please try again in a few minutes.

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Rebooted, apparently 2 updates installed when they failed to install.
The two failed updates are currently installing.

Ok, there were 9 updates that were 'important updates', now that I've logged in there is only two, the Live Essentials and IE 8 update.
Unsure if the remaining 7 were installed or not.

The others were;

I'll be trying driver updates in a moment.


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Do you feel right now the reason for the problems is Windows Update?

If not, you might try msconfig.exe to load only specific items to see if not loading other things would help.

Anti-Virus programs might also help. I like Malwarebytes for scanning, but there are some other good ones also.

The problem I believe is that I cannot use Windows Update in safe mode, the only mode that would work without freezing.

I did activate the hidden Admin account and removed everything from start up and it booted but with some issues but was ultimately able to boot in normal mode with the Admin account and update with some problems.

Updates installed, just booted into normal mode, tried updating drivers but I could not find the correct graphic drivers, but since it was booting without freezing in the Admin account in normal mode it is probably caused by incompatible software which was installed on the computer.

The computer was booting with;
Trend Micro Titanium
AOL Instant Messenger
Apple Mobile Device
Google Software Updater
iPod Service
ASUS Screen Saver Protector
ATK Media
Microsoft Windows Operating System
RealPlayer (32-bit)
InstallShield (Acresso Software Inc.)
Best Buy Software Installer

I used Nod32, did use Malwarebytes when in safemode and it detected four infections, do not remember what they were.

Right now I am in normal mode on the owner's regular account and have been for 15 minutes and it has not frozen yet, likely what was going on is one of the programs or processes I listed above is incompatible with this install.

Unsure of which one was the cause I could, I suppose, start adding them one at a time to boot until it freezes again.
I'll probably do that after this AV scan.


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Download CCleaner and run it.
Run the Registry scan too.

It has a easy to use interface under the tools tab that lets you deactivate and reactivate start up items with a click.
I use it to control all my start up items.

Of the 46 things that want to start with Windows, I only have 16 active.
Key board, mouse, video card, sound, etc.

The things that I know I'm using, everything else I turn off.

I would uninstall Bonjour Services it is know to cause some conflicts with Windows 7.
It doesn't seem to be necessary for anything, my Apple ITunes and Adobe software all work fine without it.

Anyway CCleaner makes it easy to turn the startup stuff off and on from a simple list, so you can locate the application that is conflicting with the computer. Also very handy for controlling which cookies you keep and get rid of.


I used Ccleaner and I just went into msconfig in safe mode when I figured out you could disable the startup processes in normal mode from there.

The computer is running fine now after I disabled Trend Micro as my first thing to eliminate and uninstalled AIM because it kept popping up and would not close.
After disabling Trend Micro and uninstalling AIM the PC worked fine.
Then I reinstalled AIM that was compatible with 64 bit and the PC still worked fine.

What I think happened is that the user had installed incompatible programs for this install of Windows.


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Glad you got it solved.
Good Luck.


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