Windows 7 Home Premium will not log in

I turned my pc on today it is running windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. It came up to the login screen as usual and i typed my password in. Windows said welcome and all was good, until it appeared windows locked my computer right after login. I logged in again but this time it appeared to have logged me out. When i logged in the first time it came right back to the login screen but had the switch users choice then when i logged in again it did not have this button. Why would it be doing this, and it there anyway to fix this? it is a brand new hp computer

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Is there some registration procedure you need to do on the unit?

Have you asked HP?

Any chance of a virus?

Did you make a Password reset disc? Are you sure you are typing the password correctly, caps lock and such?

yes i am positive that i typed it in correctly because it did not notify me that the password was incorrect. and when i said brand new i mean past few months new so i completed all the registration things. I did however try copying the account over a new one i made in safe mode which i managed to successfully do although it too would act in the same way. I finally decided to simply system restore, luckily i had one from yesterday so i chose that one and it worked. I think it was a problem with vista style builder because that was the program i installed that system restore was undoing. so a quick system restore solved my problems. The system restore in windows 7 is magical. I have only used it in xp and that was terrible.

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