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my toshiba laptop is stuck at setup is starting services

please help

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Re: Please help

Hi Paul,

just a couple of questions, why did you initially re-install? Also does the install keep sticking on the services start up screen? If it's only frozen the once then you might be ok and I'd just reboot. Lastly could you post your lappies specs please.

Re: Please help

We initially reinstalled the operating system because my niece, the owner of the laptop, accidentally deleted her entire hard drive.

It's been frozen on the "Setup is starting services" screen for the past 6 hours. I rebooted and it froze in the same spot.

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Re: Please help

Use your installation disc and find Command Prompt. Then run these commands:

List disk

Select disk n (where n is the number that was given for the disk where you want to install)
Create partition primary

This will clean the whole disk and allocate one partition into which you can install. Since your niece deleted everything, I assume there is nothing to be saved. But if you need to save anything, post back.

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