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After dealing with a severe re-occuring malware problem which needed Microsoft's offline scan to eliminate, I started having trouble getting my Dell laptop to boot up. First I get a Windows Error Recovery screen with a message telling me that Windows failed to start and that I should Launch startup repair. So I complete the launch as recommended and afterwards a screen pops up saying Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically. The only thing I see in the problem details that may be important is with Problem Signature 05: AutoFailover and Problem Signature 07: FailureDuringSetup. In advanced options for recovery and support I tried using SytemRestore which told me was unsuccessful, the command prompt with chkdsk and sfc which did nothing at all and Dell DataSafe Restore and Emergency Backup whcih was useless and probably did more harm. Now I'm sitting here with a useless piece of junk and not sure where to go next. Any help would be appreciated!!


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Startup Repair may need at least 3 tries to repair a system, if it can. And if you can, you may have to click through some of the options, I can't remember for sure. Does it find the Windows 7 install at all?

You can try running SFC from offline, which might help.

How to Run the System File Checker (Sfc.exe) Offline in Windows 7 and Vista - The Winhelponline Blog

I assume the Dell backup, to which you refer, is the factory restore option?

I've ran Startup Repair at least 10 times just by trying different solutions. Yes the backup restores factory settings. I just tried sfc/scannow and I got the following message:
There is a system repair pending which requires a reboot to complete. Restart windows and try sfc again.

I'm thinking this is a repair from the chldsk/r I completed earlier. This is great, except when I reboot, the repair does not startup and the system just goes back to theWindows Error Recovery screen. How do I get the repair to complete?


I have WIN 7 32 Bit machine working Avast 5.0 antivirus.Recently my motherboard has gone so i replaced my motherboard with BIO START DDR 2 G31.I installed WIN 7 32 Bit home premium and Formatted the whole machine.It worked for 5 days and suddenly it asked me to Launch Startup Repair.So i Repaired the Computer and i got the Log details as Some software casued the Issue.When i Launch Startup Repair it will Restore the Computer and it will work and if i restart the Computer or shut down the Computer again it will ask for Launch Startup Repair.Again i have to do the same process.In this process i observed one thing in Comtrol Panel that No Avast is installed but in my system tray its showing that Antivirus is running and its regularly updating.So i thaught this may be the Issue so i tried to delete the Avast registries but unable to do that.So installed REVO UNINSTALLER And tried to uninstall it but its showing Avst is not installed.So i forced Uninstalled the Avast and it asked me to Restart the Computer.So i restarted the Computer and again it asked for Launch Startup Repair.Again followed the same Process.Unchecked the Avast in MSCONFIG.Exe and Restarted the machine and It worked but when i woke up early and tried to restart the computer and again its asking for Launch Startup Repair.Iam fed up of this so tried to format the C Drive but unable to do that.So Please help me out.My machine details are as follows:
1.Win 7 32 bit Home Premium.
2. DDR 2 2GB Ram
3.Intel Dual Core Processor
4.BIOSTAR G31 Motherboard.

Please Help me out to fix this issue.

Thanx in Advance.

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Nafees Mohammed

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