Windows 7 Homegroup Question


I just cant seem to get the Homegroup working on my network and I am not sure if its actually something to do with my router? saying that I am able to access my desktop's file via my PS3 and the wireless network.

Basically, Homegroup just does not seem to work - I have created my group on the main desktop computer (even removed all firewall software) and chosen the stuff to share. The code has been generated that I need to write how and that is that.

One one of the netbooks, I am going to control panel, homegroup and then the only option I have is to create a homegroup again. There is not any join option anywhere.

All the official windows help says that I need to click on the join now option however there is not one, only another create homegroup option.

Am I missing something or is there anyone way around this?

Basically, I want the 2 netbooks we have to be able to access the storage hard drive that we have on the desktop using the wireless network. Simple request or so I though !

Is there anyone who can help me with this one?


Joe S

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I don't use Home Group. All of the computers using Home Group need to be Windows 7.

Hi, both all running the same version of Windows 7.

its doing my head in - cant find an answer anywhere...

I have looked at the vids and all they show is that there is a mystical option called "join" one the second computer once the network is created - thats great however it is not on any of the netbooks here all running windows 7 32bit ultimate with the same user names, password etc - the services.msc show that the homegroup listen etc is activated so..

see why I am getting so frustrated?

perhaps its something to do with my router?? its the O2 Wireless II box.

any other suggestions?

Joe S

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Did you try unplugging the router for a min or so and then plugging back in? Sometimes it resets things that you can't reset manually.

is the network your sharing from and to the same? Ie. is the wireless network the same as the wired netword (192.168.1.x for example)

Does your router have Wireless client isolation (so that two clients cant see each other)

Windows 7 Homegroup works great tbh, and it should discover any other homegroups unless something is blocking it..

if you plug your laptop into your wired network, does it work then?


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