Windows 7 ICS issues

I had a working computer with Windows XP and was a heavy user of the ICS function. Windows XP's ICS worked like a dream while Windows 7's (and Vista also) ICS is downright terrible, either that or I did something wrong.

I have a USB based internet connection (a 3G Wirelsss Mobile Broadband to be exact), and I have no router between computer A (host) and computer B (guest/client) when using ICS.

The problem is, ICS on Windows Vista/7 has given me so much glitch issues on my guest computer. This also means my PS3 and Xbox360 has issues downloading files off the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live, they end up corrupted every time. When posting on a forum on a guest PC, all my paragraphs would consolidate together and a plethora of other errors in my post's contents. It was embarrassing posting on a forum.

On XP all I had to do is to create a network bridge and share my 3G Mobile connection with the bridge and everything was simple. On Windows 7/Vista I followed instructions on the MS website, which was less than helpful. I really, really need this function to work like it should. And it better work without me pouring a fortune into a router specifically made for my model of the mobile broadband modem. XP did it, why can't 7?

Please help, thanks in advance.

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