Windows 7 / IE8 Half window


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To get and keep a full window in IE8 I have to use the maximize button initally. Once done, IE8 opens in a full window every time. But, anytime I click a link I get a half screen. I have tried stretching the screen and holding ctrl or shift while closing the page and that fixes nothing. The next time a link is selected, it opens in a half screen. I have tried everything I know that has helped partial frames in the past with XP and Vista. I have never had to use the maximize button to get a full window with the initial window either. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

I have reformated back to Vista and no longer need any help. The more forums I read, the more I am convinced that 7 is not my cup of tea. Seams there are too many anoyances built into the package for this old dog to change to. Half screens and wide screen resolution linitations are just too much to deal with.

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