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    Nov 15, 2009
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    I am having problems installing all the Windows 7, IIS, MySql and PHP on my machine. I am currently stuck with installing MySql version 5. The system cannot start the MySql service. Has anybody met the problem before?
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    Nov 10, 2009
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    Windows Apache MySQL and PHP simple install

    I use xampp for my web classes. You just install one package and it gives you a configured apache web server, mysql, php and perl. The x means that you can get a package for Windows, Linux and the Mac. Linux hosting is nearly free as I can setup unlimited ftp accounts and have about two dozen .com redirects available to me. Windows IIS servers have maybe 2 sites for the same price as the unlimited Linux accounts. So XAMPP is affordable for me to evangilize in my class. Download XAMPP here Oh... my Linux server only allows 10 databases and maybe one main MySQL admin account so my students can't create databases unless I'm willing to share my account:(. Windows servers as I mentioned are no better in this regard. I can still create a dblogin file that they can access to get add, delete, and modify rights to the database once I've created it:cool:

    I found this install guide for Windows, II7, MySQL, PHP. He calls it WIMP. " I know, I know, a WIMP server doesn’t sound too appealing. Trust me, this server is far from a wimp and will blow your socks off if you provide the right hardware."
    The guide is for Vista. When I get a few more Windows 7 computers I will definitely try WIMP. Maybe if you do it and post, it will inspire me too.:)
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  3. kevin from Chi-town

    Jan 11, 2009
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    I run WAMP server all of the time. Its package runs fine on Win 7. Wamp consists of PHP, MySQL, and Apache. Works like a charm
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    Mar 5, 2010
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    Sounds great! I'm trying to do the same. I found a half-dozen places which promise all I have to do is download and install apache, PHP, MySQL and I'm off to the races.

    Then I try it and funny things happen. I did just the Apache stuff, it said completed OK. I'm supposed to go to http://localhost and it should say "It's Working!"

    I go to localhost and it says "Error 500.19"

    So I go to and it showss the IIS 7.5 Splash page.

    So I go into Windows Features and uncheck IIS, reboot and try it again.

    Same Result.

    Any Idea how folks like me can do it? I mean, specifically where did you install which version of Apache from, what exactly did you fill in on the various forms asking for host, user email, etc., etc. It would even be helpful to show screen shots (use Win 7 snipping tool...) how you filled out everything and what notifications and stuff you got.

    If you can get a bulletproof way to help guys like me install Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows 7 (WAMP-7?), we'll be glad to pay you for it!


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