windows 7, image gallery and tagging

hello all.
i have network computers in my home with 2 client computers and 1 server.
on the server i store all of my pictures in a different partition.
I have tagged in the past all of my pictures using the "image gallery" app (I think its MSN app).
Now, i upgraded all the computers to be using win 7.
when i launch media center in one of my clients, I can see my pictures and the tags.
the problem is, when i change (in the server) my tags, delete them, edit them - it doesnt change in my clients (both of them).
they both see the same tags and arrangment prior to the changes.
I even deleted tottaly one of the tags but i can still see it with its pictures assigned to it in both of my client computers.
also, when i add pictures, i cant see them using the "tag" filter in the media center, only when I change the filter to "folder".

what seems to be the problem?

would appreciate any help with this issue.

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