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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by ddecoursey, Mar 1, 2011.

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    I have 15 new computer all the same running windows 7 64bit

    I have generated the system image out to an external USB drive and created rescue CD

    Can I now just restore this image on all the rest ? to, in effect, clone the 1st one?

    If so do I sitll have to run sysprep? is there a win7 specific version of sysprep for win7 64 ?

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    If you want to use the official Microsoft way of deploying systems, I suggest you read up on the following TechNet article: Windows 7 Desktop Deployment Overview

    Personally, I would simply run a bare-metal backup using Paragon Backup and Recovery and use the image file to do the cloning. You could easily do it off a network share. I do not endorse the official way of deployment unless it is necessary or required by a client or employer due to the unnecessary complexity of doing it that way. I also worked in what may be a similar position to you, doing the exact same thing, and we used Norton Ghost to clone/restore/deploy systems. However Paragon is used by Joe as well. If you want to go down the Microsoft route, I would read up on their deployment guidelines for Windows 7, specifically the ability to use and deploy VHDs to each system. You're going to want to be prepared to have to re-activate these systems, as any attempts to "clone" them will trigger VLK re-activation. While your systems may be entirely the same, you need to consider the quickest and most efficient way to perform the procedure. If the operating system requires pre-existing software and drivers, I would recommend using Paragon, really... if the systems are exactly the same (and I mean exactly), the only thing you have to worry about is re-activation due to the processor type and serial number.

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