Windows 7 InfoPath 2007


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I'm having a problem and I don't know if it is a Windows 7 issue or an InfoPath issue. After my company upgraded to Windows 7, none of our InfoPath forms that have a submit button will work. When a user presses the submit button an error message appears that says Outlook is not the default mail program, even though it is. The work around that I've been doing involves going to each system, signing on as administrator, going to the control panel>programs>default programs>set program access and computer defaults and then going to "Custom" and under Choose a default email program, switching it from "use my current email program" (which is Outlook btw) to Microsoft Office Outlook. It doesn't make sense that I have to that because when I go to "set your default programs" Outlook is already the default mail program. Would this be a Windows problem or an Infopath issue? From what I've been reading Win7 and Infopath 2007 don't always work well together.

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