Windows 7 Windows 7 install error: 0x80070057


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May 20, 2011
I am trying to install windows 7 ultimate x64 on a new build, I am getting the error in thread title when it begins to install. I've scoured this forum to see what others had similar issues and tried the fixes. I tried with one stick of ram, tried re-burning the iso, i've used 3 different discs one 32 bit the other 2 x64. The funny thing is, I have installed ubuntu 10.10 succesfully from a usb flash drive, but could not install ubuntu from a disc. The ubuntu cd was not a burnt copy but a legit disc i ordered from canonical. the windows install wizard lets me create partitions and delete them, it even looks like it tried to format the hard drive because when i go to attempt to install again evidence of the previous failure is there as a system and primary partition. since the 10.10 installation from flash drive went without a problem i do not believe there is a problem with the hard drive. the dvd drive is sata and is connected properly. I am very upset because as of now i have a very expensive brick sitting on my desk.

my system info is as follows

amd athlon II x4 630 cpu at 2.8
4gb ram
asus m4a78lt-m motherboard
wd caviar black 640gb HD sata
lite-on dvd multi recorder sata
ati xfx 512 mb video card

my boot settings go to the hdd first and i tried using the popup menu to boot from disc, for some reason it looks like it has a problem writing from the dvd drive to the hard disk. if anymore info is needed, ask, i appreciate any help.

oh and the latest copy is straight from msdn and my license is legit but that is not relevant since i can't even get to the point of authenticating my copy :(

i hope to hear back, thank you.
Hi cf0531 :)

Your spec should allow the install but can you check / reseat your RAM also test your RAM Memtest 86 is good also Windows Memory Diagnostic from Microsoft (both free) >

Memtest 86 > Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

Windows Memory Diagnostic > Link Removed - Invalid URL
That does not account for the perfect install of ubuntu from flash disk, i am thinking it is a issue with the sata cable or the disk drive.
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