Windows 7 windows 7 install error, I/O communications, SATA drive


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hi guys, i need help. i am not sure it's windwos 7 problem or my configurations

i tried to install windows 7 RC on the below setup (all new), but failed

1. SATA harddisk, WD Cavier 1T
2. mobo, Gigebyte GA-GM-785-S2H
3. SATA optical drive. LG-GGC...

the last two components work fine if i replace the SATA HD to a IDE HD, meaning the existing system (xp) started normally. no windows 7 installation

but, when i try the 3 componenets togehter to install windows 7 (the SATA HD was not even formated). the scenarios were:
1. if i configured the cmos to see the SATA HD as AHIC mode, the system would freeze at "verifying DMI pool", not even bothering to start the windows 7 installation disk (even i defined only one start-up device, my optical sata).
2, if i configured the cmos to see the SATA HD as Native IDE mode, the system would go to the optical sata and found windows 7. THE PROBLEM came during "windows is loading files". after like half min, the error message popped out, saying an I/O error occured, either i had a external usb drive corrupted or a storage fault.

The problem came out when i had no usb devices attached at all. then i also tried to copy SATA mobo driver to a usb stick and connected to the system. but still the same problem.
i also tried clear cmos, load default profie,

My questions:
1, how to solve this....:)
2, should i set native IDE mode before installing windows 7(also other windows systems?)
3, what is at least the correct way to install this.
4, is this a windows 7 installation issue or what?

Thanks a lot for reading so long post, and especially for your help!!