Windows 7 Install Issue

I just picked up my copy of Windows 7 Ultimate from the Student Tech Center at my university. I have Windows 7 RC (Build 7100) already running and I want to clean install this time. Trying to install it but it keeps on hanging at the Installing windows in the bottom middle of the screen. The windows logo does not appear and the machine seems to be stalling. It doesn't run it from the Disk Drive or Flash Drive when I've tried it. I upgraded from Beta to RC with an upgrade and had found that the programs menu doesn't work (it display an empty list and seems to be mocking me for not clean installing the RC) and certain codecs just don't work (this did not surprise me)

How do I appeal to the computer gods and get the clean install I desperately need? I have moderate computer knowledge but nothing about this makes any sense to me, it seems to actually be unable to change.

But he said he wanted clean instal... I have same problem. I formated disk created partitions and wanted clean instal. But instalation stuck in rolling green bar. (I had download same Windows version, from MSDN AA)

I did (burn .iso 4x), but problem is still there... If I try same instal disk on other PC instalation is seems to be normal.... The green bar apear for less then 1 sec.

I didnt try it.

Yeah I am currently running W7RC on my machine. (Build 7100) I upgraded to it from the BETA without a clean boot. Taking out my hard drive could potentially work. Not quite sure whether I have to tools, but it seems to be my only option.


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Normally, when you're downloading the beta/rc/rtm... In the instructions, doesn't it say that when upgrading to pre-releases from other pre-releases that you MUST do a clean install? Upgrading your operating system directly causes nothing but problems.

Yeah I know that now. My computer knowledge is always a word in progress. I flipped the hard drive and have the same problem. I think it may have to go back to several years ago when I clicked pause/break when it was first loading at the same starting windows screen in vista. What button do you press to 'resume' so to speak?

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