Windows 7 Install on Dell demension 4600

I own a dell demension 4600 also i have upgraded the ram to 4 gigs, the cpu to 3.02, a nvidia geForce 6200 agp graphics card, i know i will be needing a sound card, what would you recommend. What i am looking to do is install windows 7 home premium. I seem to have all of the necessary hardware to do this install. Will I need to purchase a new copy of windows 7 home premium. I already own several other computers with windows 7 running on them. I was just wondering if it will work like when I pop an XP disc in a pc and it just lets me install windows. If its going to cost me more than 150 I would rather just let this pc live out its lifespan running what it currently is. But I don't mind overcoming a few hurdles to install 7 as long as it is not going to get too costly and the troubleshooting becomes too time consuming. Any help would be appreciated

Ok, I can't quite tell if you are saying the machine in question currently has an OS in it or not.... does it & if so what? As for just tossing any old XP disc in a machine & installing, no stings attached... I'll just leave that aside for this discussion.

Basically, w/ Win7, it goes as follows:

1 disc, 1 license, 1 Key, 1 install (to 1 machine).

You can use an existing Win7 (that you already own) BUT, you would have to purchase an additional license from Microsoft to install that disc more than once in more than 1 machine.

OR you buy another disc... when you buy discs you are really purchasing a license (to use it).

If you know a System Builder, they could save you some cost by picking up an OEM disc for you.

The differences between an OEM & A Retail Box are the following:

1. OEMs are less money.
2. You cannot buy additional licenses for OEMs.
3. OEMs do not get you support from Microsoft; only from the System Builder or the manufacturer, in the case of a pre-loaded, off the shelf machine.
4. Properly speaking OEMs are only meant to go in 'new' machines.

I would suggest your best bet, in terms of price, is use a Win7 disc you have & pay for another license... about $200 or less.

If there is an OS in the machine, already, you might get away w/ buying an Upgrade Win7 disc, rather than a Full Version disc. Upgrade discs cost less than Full Versions.

And don't tell anybody & you didn't hear it from me but, you can use Upgrade discs to do a "Custom Install" (clean install). This is pretty much common knowledge. If this is the route you take it is not hard to get the lowdown on how it's done.


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