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I'm having problems installing windows 7.

The problem I'm having is this. I want to install it using a RAID 0 confiuration. I have created my Raid 0 Drive using GRAID option on my Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 Motherboard.

I get all the way through (past the language/keyboard options) to where it says no drive can be found, it then gives me the option to search for the drivers. I then select 'Browse' and look for the drivers that I have saved to a USB Drive and all seems to go smoothly and my RAID drive of two 80GB Samsung drives show up as a single 149GB drive with the following info 'Disk 5 Unallocated Space' (Not sure why it is called Disk 5 as that doesn't match the name I gave to my RAID setup, I also read when searching google for this problem that Windows 7 doesn't like drives named above 4 but they didn't expand on this and as I said I don't know why it's allocated this number).

At this stage it says that it is unable to install Windows to this drive, when I click on more details it gives an error code of 0x80300001

I can only at this point choose NEW from the options (or refresh or load driver), as all the others are greyed out, If I selct NEW at this point it gives me the warning about the 100mb partition. This goes well and creates the 100mb partition as well as the remaining free space as a seperate partition labelled as before and marked Primary. I can now select either partition to be formatted or deleted.

Deleting works as you would expect, however if I click format the blue circle cursor spins for no more thane a few seconds and then stops(disappears), it doesn't say if the format was successful or not but I'm guessing not.

If I try to reload the raid drivers (either the same ones, or different ones, as unfortunately the zip file for the drivers that you extract has various different ones, I chose the drivers within a folder marked W7, seemed logical) then invariably I get a dialogue box saying no drivers were found??? (I have tried every driver by the way not just the one in the W7 folder, I get the same error message and problems with them all, and or some just aren't recognised).

If I click refresh nothing happens, just refreshes with the same error.

I have tried the following solutions from searching google, alas none have worked.

1) I have made my RAID array as the primary boot option.
2) I have checked that HDD is the first boot option.
3) It's been suggested the error code is related to simply being down to the fact that people who try to install the raid drivers are forgetting to put the install DVD back in the drive after inserting a driver CD. They suggest doing this and clicking refresh and all is solved, many people have claimed it was as simple as this for them. However in my case I never removed the DVD as the drivers are on my USB drive. Out of desperation I unplug the USB device, ejected the DVD and reloaded and clicked refresh, didn't work though.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


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I am sure this must be one of those problems that is going to have a simple solution. If I were you I would start again from scratch.
Read your motherboard manual which will give you a step by step guide for setting up a RAID 0 with your bios. Ideally both drives should be blank and exactly the same make and model.

Forgive me if you know all this but despite your lengthy description of what happens, starting over sdeems to me thebest option.

Thanks for your reply, I have started from scratch several times up to now, unless I am missing something easy. A bit of extra info that may be helpful is that prior to starting this install my rig had been running for several years and pretty rock steady using XP 32Btit with a RAID 0 configuration.

How I approached starting from scratch was to enter the raid set up using CTRL-G, deleted my old raid installation and then created a new one. The theory being that I presume this wipes the drives clean for installation purposes. I have retried this step several times after each failed attempt, part of me thinks it may be a formatting issue?

Thanks for your suggestions, all welcome, hopefully it will be something simple.


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Well tafer I set up my raid0 with my BIOS much the same as you describe, and then my operating system, windows 7 installed very quickly and easily.
I did not have to install any drivers before installing my OS
When you boot up does the raid configuration show up on the screen during the boot up process?
Are you booting from a new windows DVD?

Another thing is bothering me: On installing the OS does it say search for the drives or search for the drivers.
You should be searching for the Drive, the raid drive, on to which to install the OS not a driver file.

I am booting from a newly opened retail DVD copy.

Yes the raid partition shows up on boot, much in the same way that it did before.

My problems start from here, I get to this screen apart from there is no disk there, unlike below.

View attachment 4176

I then click load drivers. If I let it search for drivers using Windows 7 disk it states it couldn't find any. I then tried by browsing and installing the raid drivers from a specific folder on my usb stick and the drive appears. Similar to below and with the same error message I think, however at this point I don't think it's marked primary.

View attachment 4174

It won't let me click next, refresh doesn't do anything and if I try to reload driver it tends to make things worse as it seems to corrup things and my drive disappears. I can click advanced options and get the screen similar to below.

View attachment 4173

From this screen I can only click new, all the others are greyed out, if I click new it creates the 100mb partition and also one with the remaining free space called disk 5 and is now labelled primary, but I still get the an error stating unable to install to the selected location:confused:

I'm sure you'd gathered this but they aren't my actual screenshots but are pretty representative of the problems I'm encountering.

Thanks Again

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Tafer I have sent for help. Hopefully Kemical will appear and try and help you

Thank you, off to have a play around with it again this evening, I will keep my eyes peeled for any updates:D


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Hi, having read through your post several times it's hard to see where your going wrong although one thing puzzles me, your second screenshot shows your drive as being 400+GB how can that be when you only have two 80s?
It's such a weird problem I'm just wondering if your bios needs updating? Also if you have any other drives fitted please remove them until this is sorted. I'd then recreate your array and make sure you have the latest RAID drivers needed for your system..

Edit: I just read where you state that they are just representatives...sorry. (the screenshots)

Here's a link for your bios updates if need:

I've also been checking over your board and it seems only two of the SATA ports are RAID enabled? So are you sure your plugged into the right ports?

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Hi Kemical

Thanks for your reply. No the screenshots aren't mine. Will try and get some if it helps.

I will check the sata ports but i'm 99% certain they are plugged into the only two raid enabled ports as I have had my pc running in raid 0 for many years using XP 32 Bit. Also I can enter the Raid setup utility and create and delete an installation. I remember vaguely having raid issues from memory when I first tried to install on XP, but that turned out to be a case of changing the various bios options.

Installation continued

First screen I get after licence terms
View attachment 4192

then I click load driver and get this
View attachment 4193

If I click ok it searches Windows DVD (I guess) and I get following
View attachment 4194

If I click browse I get to choose from all the following locations, this is due to a built in memory card reader to my Silverstone case, could this be causing any issues, don't know what Boot X is. H is my USB stick.
View attachment 4195

I install driver from this folder.
View attachment 4196



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Thanks for that and it all looks pretty much how it should.. Although when I get to the load driver screen I click browse straight away as it never finds the drivers on it's own.. I also use a floppy, could you not do the same as you have one listed? Just load up the drivers I've pointed out below..

I downloaded the drivers to see what you were getting and if you check the screenshot I've arrowed the ones you should be using. Ignore the W7 folder for the moment.
If your taking the 7 disk out when loading up the drivers then don't.. Or if you have to take it out once the drivers are loaded put the 7 disk straight back in and as soon as you get to the advanced options delete any partition you find and create a new one by clicking new...
Fingers crossed...

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Thank you so much, worked a treat. It was simple after all:p Although I wasn't sure why a floppy was listed in my drives as I don't have one connected. In XP I used to open my case and plug in a floppy direct to my mobo to install the drivers for RAID then unplug it and put back in my drawer. I downloaded the drivers you highlighted from my USB and it worked.

I could have sworn i'd tried them all, think I may have tried that after I'd already tried another and was one that caused a corruption. :redface: Obviously can't have tried it as a fresh install.

On a seperate note what were all the other driver/files for???

Anyway like I said, all working now and thanks again Kemical and also nehoma for all your time and effort. :D

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Wonderfull! I was really hoping that would be the solution as I really didn't have many more suggestions! As for the other drivers that are included they must be for other chipsets or something like that? Anyway the main thing is that you up and running.. Fantastic!


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Well done kemical I knew you would soon fix it. I am getting a bit old and slow these days.

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