Windows 7 Install w/ Intel Matrix Storage ICH9R

After completing the Windows 7 64 bit install, the screen goes black with a white blinking cursor. After rebooting the screen freezes at the ‘Starting Windows’ screen which should proceed with the configuration of the Windows 7 install (select computer & user name, etc.)
Before the ‘Starting Windows’ screen there is the following message: “Boot from AHCI CD-ROM” or something similar. This was not present when XP was running successfully.
Throughout this process I ran into a BSOD which mentioned iaStorV.sys which apparently relates to the Intel Matrix Storage Manager as explained here.

Action Taken:
-I tried repairing the windows installation using the Windows 7 DVD, but it could not find anything.
-I tried booting into safe mode, but it said Windows needs to install first.

Version Numbers & BIOS Setetings:
ThinkStation S10 6423 CTO
Flash EEPROM Revision Level: 2WKT32AUS
Boot Block Revision Level: 2W27A
BIOS Date: 05/08/08
Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v7.6.0.1011 ICH9R wRAID5
With the following BIOS settings under IDE Drives Setup:
Serial ATA: [Enabled]
Native Mode: [Automatic]
Hard Disk Pre-Delay: [Disabled]
SATA RAID Enable: [Enabled]

-Any suggestions on how to successfully install Windows 7 on an S10?
-Do I need a Windows 7 driver for the Intel Matrix Storage ICH9R? Such as, Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver for Windows 7? Is Intel Matrix Storage Manager the same as Intel Rapid Storage?


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Are you running a RAID? If so, the Windows 7 install may be able to set it up, or you may have to load a driver during the install. Did you set the RAID up before you started the install with the special utility?

Thank you for your reply. My RAID volume was setup before installing Windows 7. I got Windows 7 to install properly by updating my BIOS using this update. Also during the install I loaded this driver for good measure “Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver for Windows 7 (64-bit)”.

Currently I am in the process of updating Windows 7, however, I still have these issues:

1) The status of my RAID volume is still Verify in yellow on the Intel Matrix Storage Manager splash screen.

2) During bootup, after the Intel Matrix Storage Manager screen appears, I still receive a “Boot from AHCI CD-ROM” message before the system proceeds to Windows 7. This message was never present when XP was successfully running.

3) For whatever reason the product key from my legitimately purchased copy of “Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Upgrade - 64 bit” is not working. Very frustrating! I checked that I am entering it correctly, and I am connected to the internet.


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I don't normally enter a product key until later, just before I activate.

In Windows, you should have a RAID utility that will give you the status of your RAID drives. Do both drives show as OK? What type of RAID are you running?

Some updates on my issues:

1) The status of my RAID volume has changed to 'Normal' on its took about a day.

2) I am still reciving the "Boot from AHCI CD-ROM" message before the system proceeds to Windows 7. How can I remove this?

My startup sequence is:
3: PCI SCSI: Intel RAID5

Here are some pictures of my BIOS settings:
Photo Album - Imgur

3) I called Microsoft support and got my system Activated.

If anyone has suggestions on solving issue 2) above that would be great. Thanks!


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Do you have bootable media in the DVD drive?

Does this show during one of the messages in the RAID setup utility, can you hit some key combination to open the utiltity and check?

The bios option, "Startup Device Menu Prompt" looks interesting...

I tried moving the DVD drive to the top of my startup sequence to see if that would have any affect. There was non. Currently my startup squence is:
3: PCI SCSI: Intel RAID5

Here is a picture of my BIOS startup Sequence:

To answer your questions:
-No there is no media in the drive.
-The "Boot from AHCI CD-ROM" message occurs after the RAID utility splash screen, and there is no relevant information in the RAID utility options.
-The "Startup Device Menu Prompt" is an option that enables one to select F12 during bootup to temporarily change the boot sequence. I will see if I can take a picture of the
explanation of this option in my BIOS.

Here is a picture explaining the last two options of the Startup tab in the BIOS: (see the right side of each picture for an explanation of the highlighted option)


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I solved it by changing my DVD drive to the third position, such that it is:

2: PCI SCSI: Intel RAID5

I also removed items 4-7 from my boot sequence for good measure, since they are not needed.

Thanks for the help!

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