Windows 7 install wont start

when i start the windows 7 install, it takes forever at the loading windows screen, thn goes to a blank screen with just a cursor on it. it wont even start the install screen. i have to install windows7, because anytime you unplug my computer when its on, it corrupts the os so it wont start. and the cord got caught in the sweeper and unplugged. please help!!!!!!!!1


Noob Whisperer
First I suggest that, if possible make every effort to backup any critical data presently on your PC.
Then boot from the install media (set bios boot device options to DVD #1) and perform a clean install and if possible use the advanced options regarding where to install it and clear your hard drive of any existing partitions so all availabe space has an unallocated designation. NOTE: If it is a laptop, you may wish to preserve the manufacturer's system recovery partition, it's up to you.
If the problem persists, then we need to assess the media itself, inspect for smudges and or scratches. What is or was the source of the media? If it's a downloaded ISO, then reburn it using the slowest possible settings (4x or slower) that your burning software supports.
Consider an issue with the source drive (laser, cable or even drive mechanics) could be an issue. Try the install, using another source drive (DVD or perhaps even a thumb drive).
Make sure to detach or remove any extraneous peripherals during the install, keeping any potential external hardware issues to a minimum.
Keep us posted and if you can described any specifics as to where you are in the process

Ok i fixed it. i went out and bought a new hard drive and a new dvd drive and its working fine now.


Noob Whisperer
Great news and congrats. Glad to hear that you were able to resolve your problem. Buying new is good.
Anyhow, thanks for joining the forum and posting your issue here, your membership and participation in the forums is appreciated and we hope to continue to see you around.

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