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Hi guys , i've created another topic related to a BSOD . Anyways i've decided to format my OS so i did . But an error showed up , i'll tell you exactly what it said :
Failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space.[Error:0x8004240f].
That's what it said . I don't know what caused it but after i deleted that partition , i couldn't just make a new one it kept giving me this error . Any help is appreciated . I'm giving the other topic's link . There could be something related .


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Looks like you do not yet have the Blue Screen problem solved in the other thread. Could I ask a favor and when you attach files you use .zip instead of .rar?

How large is your hard drive?

If you could get a snipping tool picture of the Disk Management window showing the graphical readout, that would be great, if not can you describe what partitions you currently have? Windows has some limitations so if you were to use a third party partition management software, it might override the Windows restrictions. You can attach the picture using the paperclip on the Advanced reply page.

BSOD problem is gone by a simple format .
And sure here it is , basically it tells me that i do not have enough space to create a partition even though i have 97 gb of space left from installation (also gave me the same error back then)


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Have you been using a third party partition manager to manipulate the drive? The partition table may have gotten a little confused.

Can you move any data in the logical partition and delete that one then redo them both, if necessary?

Does the last unpartitioned space show as 8 MB or something else? Just trying to add up all the space to see if it agrees. Have you tried making a partition smaller than the 97 GB?

If it were me, I would clean the drive and start over, or get a new drive. If you decide to do that, you can use Diskpart to clean.

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