windows 7 installation errors


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I am trying to custom/clean install windows 7 64bit and when it restarts after supposedly completing installation it says the system has restarted unexpectedly or I get a blue scree error that causes another restart. This occurs on the 2nd restart after it returns to the completing installation stage. any help would be much appreciated. I have tried redoing to install about 10 times and it does nothing.


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It might be a driver problem. Try unplugging any devices you can and disabling whatever you can in the bios.

During boot, if you can hit F8 and catch the repair screen, try the basic video option and/or the disable driver enforcement.


Have you performed a chkdsk or Windows Memory Diagnostic to confirm your hardware is okay? Also, does your motherboard require a SATA driver to be loaded prior to the Windows 7 installation?


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