Windows 7 Windows 7 Installation Hell


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Hold onto your butts.

Yesterday my old computer's hard disk died. Finally fed up with dell, figured I'd worked with computers long enough to just build my own. Went to Fry's, got these for a new computer-

8gb DDR3 1600 DUAL

ANTEC EA 650 Green 650w ATX PSU

ASUS PCE-N15 PCI-E wireless network adapter

Gigabyte GTX 660 2 GB GPU

Corsair 300R case

MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 Mother Board

AMD FM2 A8-6600K quad core FM2 socket @ 3.9 ghz

Window's 7 Home Edition 64 bit

Now, bear in mind that I've never installed Window's 7 on a clean system, let alone mucked around with the BIOS much. This is all being done on a clean system.

Assembled everything, tried installing Window's. Immediately hit with an error message about memory_management.

Look around, figure out that I need to put the DVD drive as the boot priority.

Do that, try again. Windows installs fine up till it gets to the "Update" phase, at which point it crashes again, can't even catch the error code.

Try to reinstall again, this sort of cycle goes on and on till eventually it tells me "unexpected error, verify that the installation sources are accessible and restart installation: Error Code 0xC0000005"

After which I restart the computer and suddenly the installation acts like everything is A-OK and carries on the installation. It'd be a lie if I said it went well after that. Half the time it'd crash for any number of reasons till finally it was so bad that the keyboard wouldn't work at the login screen.

Any pearls of wisdom on where to go from here? I'm at wit's end.
Boot into safe mode (repeatedly press F8 during start-up). Then go to control panel, system, system protection, advanced, start-up and recovery, settings, uncheck "automatically restart". This swill enable a report to be written to a log and also stop the system restarting so you can see what is reported to the screen.
A memory management message is not normal just because you are not booting to the DVD. You might reset your memory and make sure it is seated. Reverse or change the slots it is installed in if you want.

Does the motherboard have any LEDs that might help see where any trouble could be?
Whatever the problem is it is either hardware or bios related since I had to completely ditch the old installation of windows. Mobo has no LEDs