Windows 7 installation is so frustrating

I have tried to install windows 7 four times today but every time it does the last restart and says preparing for first use or what ever that message says, I get the ERROR in red writing and it's say's that is can not open c:\recovery.dat.

I originally had a hidden recovery partition, a C: & D: partition. I removed the d: partition so I only had the recovery and c: partition and installed windows 7 to c: but got the error message.

Had all three partitions and installed to c: got the message and tried to install to d: but still got the message.

During the installation when the system restarts itself I get the dual boot screen come up and I can choose either vista or windows 7, I leave it to time out and it starts to load windows 7 with windows 7 loading screen. But after the the last restart I don't get dual boot option and it loads the Vista O/S adn then gives me that message!

I don't really want to remove the recovery partition as good old Asus didn't provide a recovery CD with the laptop only the recovery partition!!!

If some can help me out please do as I am slowly going bald!!!



I went bald long ago.
Mistake 1: You didn't create the recovery CD/DVDs.
That said, The best way is to boot a GPARTED cd and completely clean the disk and set up 1 partition.
Once you have 7 installed you have no need of the recovery partition. Once on 7 you won't want to go back.
Good luck.

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