Windows 7 installation problem - Q6600


I am trying to install Windows 7 RTM from MSDN subscription on my new PC, it is

Intel Q6600
200 GB SATA HD (2x100GB partitions)

Windows XP has been running like a champ on the partition 0 for a long time, but when I try and install Windows 7 on patrition 1 (dualboot from same HD), I have the following problems

1. Long delay until the first installation screen where you select language (2-3 min)
2. Long delay at "SETUP ...." screen (2-4 mins)
3. Then finally it will start the install, copy files, expand them, install them, install updates, and reboot, BUT rebooting just ends up booting off the DVD again. Its almost like it doesnt see an OS on the system and ask "Press any key to boot from DVD..". If I take the DVD out, it says missing BOOT files..etc...

I can use Gparted to set the XP partition as the boot partition again and I can get back into XP.

Any help is greatly appreciated..


Hi.. Anyone have any ideas please?


I am no pro or anything, but have you switched you boot sequence back to what it needs to be? HDD first, then the Optical Drive? That sounds like your problem, or it might be (don't hold me to this) that XP doesn't recognize Win7 as an operating system. It might just think it is a bunch of files.

Thank for the reply Exile.

I have dualbooted many XP/Win7 systems at my work. Install XP first, then installing Windows 7. Windows 7 usually takes over the boot partition and shows XP as a 2nd OS.

In my case it cant boot off the Windows 7 partition after the first part of the install.


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Does it freeze at one of the sections during the install? Because that same thing happened to myself actually, and I had to use my laptop to get it to work. If that is your problem I will post a reply of how I did it.

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