windows 7 installation problem URGENT

Hello, i am having a problem installing windows 7 on my windows vista home edition. So the installation went well and smoothly until the conclusion, where i always get this error message: "The computer was rebooted in an unexpected way or it found an unexpected error. The windows installation cannot continue. In order to install windows, click "OK" to reboot your computer and reboot the installation". Then i click OK and it reboots my computer, but when i get into the part that says: "the installation is starting the services" i get that error message again and again.
I would be very glad if anyone could help me fixing this problem

My computer is:
Intel 1.8 Dual core
250 Gb HDD


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Did you perform a "clean" install or an upgrade?


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These things are hard to find. What is your status right now, like have you reverted back to Vista, or still in a loop. Do you have other options beside reboot?

Other wise, unplug any non-essential devices like USB stuff. If you have two monitors, unplug one.

Did you get any warnings during the compatibility test?

If you can, do the clean install instead of upgrade. If clean installation is not available, then you may have to do the clean install of Vista with the following upgrade of 7. If you are upgrading :

1. Save your data to a safe place
2. Format the partition
3. Clean install Vista on the formatted partition
4. Do NOT install drivers
5. If not integrated in your Vista installation, install Vista SP 1 & SP 2
6. Upgrade to 7
7. Install 7 drivers

i performed a clean install from my windows vista home premium to windows 7 ultimate, so i think the installer formatted my vista and now i cant boot any operating system.
And the only message that appears is telling the pc will have to reboot, but after the reboot it keeps getting the same error over and over again.
PS i am in my laptop writting this stuff, not in my "real computer"

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