Windows 7 installation problem

first of all this is the screen i get if i booted my pc from any windows 7 dvd or even vista dvd
sorry for bad quality (by mobile ) as u see background colors are interrupted and also no mouse no keyboard to continue .... now i will tell the story from the beginning

1) first ... my pc was running win 7 alongside with linux ubuntu 11.04 dual boot through grub boot loader of ubuntu

2) i wrongly formatted a small partition related to the grub loader of ubuntu that gave an error while booting

3) searching for a solution i used those two commands to fix grub boot loader through ubuntu live cd

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair

4) i thought the problem was fixed my old ubuntu started up fine ... but when i tried to boot win 7 which its entry in the grub loader was also back .. i got an error with a fix screen ... which was not fixing any thing .

5) then hoping to regain win 7 .. tried fixing through win 7 dvd but in vain ... then i formatted the partition of win 7 and also that of ubuntu thinking they were the problem
booting from win 7 dvd ... giving me the screen in pic above with no mouse or keyboard respond

6)i then tried many win 7 dvd ..also the same .. tried my old vista dvd giving the same

7) after that i installed my old old xp which surprisely installed and worked... then installed ubuntu again which also worked

8) in a second try ... i tried installing 7 through xp by a virtual dvd .. the installation run perfect till it restarted it gave me an error which i don't remember now

9) now with xp & ubuntu ... with that error booting any 7 dvd


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