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i built a system for my sister and can not get windows 7 to load at all. i have built and fixed many systems and i'm using the system i built for my sister right now. it runs anything i put into it but the windows 7. i have tried so many ways of making it work. first was just the full install and it would stop at installing updates, that was several times. then as an upgrade, with my vista i run on my other systems and same thing it freezes up. then i tried with windows wp but it was a 32 bit and would not let me upgrade with the 64 bit i wanted to install. my last is this xp professional 64 bit and still the same thing it stops at installing updates. i know it is not the system because it runs everything and i even do the windows 7 compatability check and get all green checks. so is it just a bad copy and what should i do can i get a replacement and where? i got it from new egg in may and have been fighting with it for so long now. please help if you can thank you.


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HI Jerry,
I'd just check that the motherboard bios doesn't need updating. You could also try taking all but one stick of RAM out and see if the install completes.. If it does then you may have some bad RAM.
To check if the disk is a bad copy or not you'll need to try it on a different machine, perhaps a friend could help?
As to who would replace it, have you contacted Newegg and asked if they'll replace it?

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I tested the ram and it is good. The system runs anything I put in it. I looked up the return requirements from newegg and it is 30 days so I'm too late for that. Is it required that I have a Internet connection to do the install? I did look up the drivers for the mother board and I got them but I'm not sure when to install them. I usually do it when it is loaded and do my drivers. I did notice that the LAN light is out when I try the 7 install , but it was on when I have all the others ( Vista, both XP's ) running. I never had 7 running on it so I could not tell you if it works for 7.


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Hmm... You could try taking the Lan cable out before trying to install again as the net connection isn't needed to install 7. Once installed try connecting up again...

i tried that one too and still the same thing. i am truly at my wits end. this darn thing is really making me mad. i have even tried different mother boards, hard drives and even video cards. still the same result. i even checked the LAN cord with other computers and with the bios check and everything checked good. the only time it freezes is when it goes to install updates. it copies, expands and then install features and then nothing. i was really thinking it was a hardware problem at first but it is the same thing every time. i really thank you for you help so far i just don't know what else to do.

that is the only thing i can think of. thank you for all your help i will try the web site and give an update to my soap opera hahaha. thank you again. if you come up with other thoughts i would love to hear them.


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When the installation freezes (at the update point) have you tried rebooting but still booting from the disk?

Some actual system specs would also go along way in determining your problem aswell
Mother board: make / model
CPU: make / model
RAM: make / type / speed
GPU: make / model
HDD: make / model / connection type ( ie: IDE, SATAI, SATAII, Raid array or AHCI)
PSU: make / model / wattage


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