Windows 7 Installation Problems!

Hello All,

I'm new here, so any help/information would be greatly appreciated!

My brother bought me the 64bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate for Christmas to upgrade from my 32bit Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2. I understand I can't simply upgrade to the 64 bit and a clean install must be performed. Of course, my computer also informed me of that with the error message that I'm not compatible and I must boot from disk upon the restart.

However, after restarting my computer, a black screen comes up with only a blinking cursor in the top right corner. So, I checked the Boot Order, and my DVD ROM is listed first, as it should be when attempting this clean install.

So, I'm stuck. The only thing I can come up with is...Maybe I have the wrong disk? Is there a difference between an Upgrade and a Full install disk? I currently have the Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit x64 Upgrade: Pre-existing OS license required. My though process is that in order to fresh install a 64bit from a 32bit Windows Vista, I need a different disk.

Any Thought???

I'm currently running:
HP Pavilion dv6700se
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.00 GHz
2.00 GB RAM


Noob Whisperer
You're correct in your statement of upgrading a previous 32bit install to a 64bit version, so you are left with attempting to perform a clean install of Win7 64bit from the upgrade media not exactly simple but do-able. See this for additional details
As far as the machine booting from the upgrade media, sounds like you have things set correctly, just need to be a little more patient with the blinking cursor, it should change to a "press any key to boot from CD/DVD" prompt after a brief period, if not try striking the enter key anyway just to see if that will encourage the process to proceed.

Hello Trouble,

Thanks for replying! My computer has currently been on the blinking cursor page for approximately 45 minutes. Any idea on how long it may possibly take??


Actually....As soon as I hit my reply, my computer booted up my old version of Vista. I'm not sure...


Noob Whisperer
Yes, sorry, it shouldn't actually take even one of those forty five minutes. Not sure why it didn't fail over to the Vista install quicker than that.
My first question would be regarding the source media. Is it a standard retail upgrade DVD, or one that was produced from an ISO/Download source.
My second and last question would be regarding the DVD player device itself. Do you have any reason to suspect that is has any type of physical problem. Do you have another bootable CD/DVD to test and make sure you don't have a dirty laser or other problem with the hardware. If it will boot from another bootable DVD (rescue disk, Linux Live Distro, virus recovery cd, image software boot cd) anything like one of those then you can zero in on the actual Win7 DVD, if not then you may have a drive issue.
Keep us posted.

So...I think I've got it narrowed down.

I previously downloaded the Upgrade Advisor, and everything seems to be compatible.
My DVD drive is currently working.
So, I'm going with my initial gut feeling. The DVD my brother purchased was through his work, at a discounted price. It is genuine Microsoft. However, based on the title of the DVD: "Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit x64 Upgrade: Pre-existing OS license required" I'm assuming that I can't perform a fresh install with this DVD. I think I just have the wrong DVD. I could use a Windows 7 32bit Upgrade DVD or a Windows 7 64bit Complete Install DVD. Any thoughts?


Noob Whisperer
I would still think that even if you are correct and you very well maybe although I included a link in an earlier post that points to a method for clean installing from upgrade media, still the DVD if everything is kosher, should still boot and then provide some type of error message that you need a different version or words to that effect. Most information that I can find indicates that the upgrade media is bootable but yet yours doesn't seem to be booting.


Thanks for all the continued replies. The above link was helpful, but mostly for people who have been able to successfully install Windows 7 already. It didn't offer much for my particular problem of not being able to boot at all.

Also, when attempting to boot from DVD by clicking on Setup in My Computer....I get this error: The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need a x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

confused. ha


Noob Whisperer
No not too confusing. That's the installer for the upgrade version performing it's compatability check to confirm a previous install of Windows (to confirm proper license compliance). It sees the 32bit Vista install and warns that you can't do it because of the 32bit and 64bit compatability issues as discussed earlier.

Ok. When running the autoplay installer...I get a different error. Basically the same thing, but it explains I need a clean install and to reboot my computer.

I ensured my DVD driver is up to date. I've been googling around and so far havent come across very much answers. Any thoughts or ideas of thing for me to try would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


Noob Whisperer
At this point I can only suspect the media itself. If it was a true Windows 7 Upgrade Retail disc, I would have more confidence in my answers and your ability to overcome your current issues. However sinces it is not then perhaps whatever was used to create the install media DVD may have left out some important files and that may be what is causing the current problem. Have you been able to confirm that the Disc you have is 100% legit and bootable?
Here is another article that explains what should be going on as well as some comments regarding a 64bit upgrade to a system with a 32bit operating system currently installed.
Finally, some answers to Windows 7 upgrade questions | ZDNet
But again if you can't actually boot from the Install Media then most of that information is moot.


Thanks for all your continued help! I think at this point, we can narrow it down to the disk. However, this is definitely genuine Microsoft material. My brother purchased this from his work, and it has Systems Student Media on it. Also, it has the reflective ring around the outside of the disk, with the wording Illegal to Resell or Make Copies of this Disk.

Maybe it has something to do with Systems Student Media? I'm not sure, I'm thinking of just purchasing the 32bit upgrade Windows 7 and hoping that works. It is only 20 dollars anyway...


Noob Whisperer
You've got me, but you may very well be spot on. Because typically when you purchase a retail upgrade windows 7 product, I'm pretty sure that it comes with both the 32 and 64 bit versions in the package.

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