Windows 7 Installation Restart Glitch.

Ok to start 64bit install for all questions ,searched forums and solutions from here to kingdom come and tried most of em'. Now i built a new PC using old hard drives. Installed windows 7 no problem, but first restart the computer durring instalation restart stuck at hardware monitor screen, no boot. Tried a few fixees ,found in relation to but not exact to my situation. someone had bios booting DVD drive first which started a vicious circle restarting windows 7 installer over and over, obiously, I've tried every combination of boot sequece n' it don't make a differance, including taking the install disk out before the reload durring instalation so it doesn't start install again and in theory would continue with instalation to no avail. Tried to compeletely remove partitions, and anything on the hard disk using the command prompt with the instalation disk, tried 3 different HD Drives one 1t, and 2 500G , and a raid array with any combination of the three, and wtf windows 7? Anyway end result, install works great and fluid till the first restart, at that point it's a stone wall at Hardware Monitor...screen. Ok System info Biostar GF7050V-M7 SE Motherboard, a Core 2 Quad Processor,a 4g DDR2 Ram, Nvidia GForce 210 video card, AMIBIOS V 08.00.15, and thats it i gave up on the raid array, which makes me sad because it was FAST!!!!!! now decided its more reliable to run OS on one Drive and 2 for storage for stability although Win7 is far from stable from what i understand. Okl any help would be great because i can't find answers, tried every variation on the question on seach engines and got nothing!!! Answeres, Links, Pictures, a suggestion for this would be great or any sugestipons on PCI Latency timer settings simply because i don't understand it would be awsome or just a sandwich would be great! Thanks in advance!. Down With The Bloody Red Queen Anthony

Run Memtest to see if you have some bad RAM.

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