Windows 7 Installed - 2 hours later my machine is dead; will not power back up . . .

My story:

Thought I'd upgrade, did so; looked great, seemed to work well. Walked away, came back two hours later and the machine was off. It will not boot, power-up, etc. Totally unresponsive.

Any clue? Please help!!!!! I need to work with this machine, not to mention game. :razz:

I will be forever indebted and you will surely receive massive buckets of positive karma.

Thanks in advance!!!

Thanks Joe. Yep, guess I'll skip on Windows upgrades in the future. This was free, and I thought what the hell.*

I'm afraid my machine wouldn't read a disc if I wanted it to. It literally WILL NOT POWER UP. No life, not pulse, no energy, nada, dead, dead, deadski.

*note to self Free Broken Upgrade Custom Install < Working System; refrain in future.

Wait a second, Joe are you a spam bot? Joe are you just posting links to drive traffic? Joe, say it ain't so! I believed in you Joe, just like Windows 7. :(


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I really do not think Win 7 would kill your computer. If it is really bad, maybe something just got stressed out.

Could it be in hibernation?

Try unplugging it for a few minutes. Some folks suggest holding in the power switch for about 30 seconds while it is unplugged. I think this is supposed to clear the bios.

I lost one of mine the other day when I was plugging in SATA drives with it shut down. I thought that would be safe, but apparently not. I now turn off the power supply power switch to work on anything.

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