Windows 7 Internet Connection problems with Programs

Windows 7 Internet Connection problems with Programs/Not allowing internet access

I just bought a new emachines computer with Windows 7 Home Premuim 64 bit pre-installed. Whenever I try to run a program such as, Xfire, Steam, Teamspeak, AIM, Skype, or Digital River Securom, or ANY program that requires internet access they say that they cannot connect to the internet or that i first must connect to the internet before running, and won't work. I can get onto internet explorer fine, seeing as i am on it now, and my internet icon says "Internet Acess".

I have tried completely turning off my firewall and adding these programs to the exception list and still no luck. My computer is connect my DSL 2wire model 1701HG via ethernet cable. I have an older model emachines that runs Home Premium Vista 32 bit that is connected to the same router via ethernet and i have never had these problems. So i am assuming that it is a problem i am having with windows 7.

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i would suspect an overzealous antivirus such as Norton or kaspersky ?

what are you using and maybe try temporarily unninstalling your antivirus then try run your games :cool:

It is the emachines ET1331G-03w it came with Norton Anitvirus and Internet securuity. Both of which i have uninstalled, i disabled firewall and disabled UAC. Still no luck, the only program i can get to connect to the internet is Skype

with firewall enabled when you goto control panel\windows firewall\ "allow a program or feature through windows firewall" are the programs such as skype and steam and xfire etc listed with a tick next to them ?


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Try unchecking IPv6 in the properties of your network adapter in case it's causing the 2wire some grief you may also try while there to add and statically to the Preferred and Alternate DNS server under the properties of IPv4 just in case your router has an issue forwarding, reboot and see if that makes any difference at all. Post back and let us know and we'll proceed from there.

hello guys!

I finally solved this issue!
I tought a trivial way: Unistall norton Internet Security!
and now all works fine!!

hope you help

Hello everyone.

Sorry for bumping this thread up but since I have basically the same problem it's wise to not open a new one.

I tried the above resolutions (proposed in this thread) with no efficiency.

The details: I was connected to a router via ethernet, all functionned well. I had to change the router's location in another room so now I'm connected with a wireless adapter. It connects with no problem to the router and the internet, still only IE9(x64) and Windows Update are actually able to access anything. All others programs (Firefox4, WoW launcher, Avast!6, GamesForWindowsLive...) acts like there's no connexion. My guess is that they still try to use the old one even with the ethernet adapter disabled.

I reinstalled Firefox which still displays nothing but a blank page; I uninstalled Avast! and tried to connect again with the same results, reinstalled it and it still can't update or start the web agent. I tried attributing static DNS with no further change.

And of course all these programs have the proper firewall autorisations.

I don't know if this can help but one program is actually nice enough to display an error message (Steam): "WSA startup() for 2.0 returned error code 11003".

I thank you by advance for your help :)

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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Try to copy and paste this into the Firefox 4 URL / Address bar and hit enter.
Let us know what happens.
Also double check for a blackhole proxy setting in Firefox 4.
At the top of the browser page click the down arrow next to the word Firefox and choose Options > Options
Select the Advance item from the top menu bar and then the network tab
Click the "Settings" button in the "Connections" frame area
Select the "No proxy" radio button and OK your way back out of there. Close and reopen Firefox 4 and see if that helps.
Keep us posted.

Thanks for the warm welcoming :)

I had checked "no proxy" in Mozilla Firefox advanced options already.

Tried entering the ip you gave me into the url bar... same result as any url: a snowy blank page :/

I investigated the Winsock error code from Steam and it translates as: "This indicates that some sort of nonrecoverable error occurred during a database lookup. This may be because the database files (for example, BSD-compatible HOSTS, SERVICES, or PROTOCOLS files) could not be found, or a DNS request was returned by the server with a severe error."

I don't understand it all but it seems like pretty bad news to me :p

29.04.2011> Finally reinstalled Windows and all functions well. It's not really a solution but, well, at least it works ^^'

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