Windows 7 Internet download timing out

I just received my new Windows 7 computer. Of course, the first thing I did was hook it up to my home network and began downloading the software I needed to load. It would download a few meg (anywhere from 2 to 40 or 50) and then time out. I could start the transfer again, and it would pick up where it left off. To see if it was a problem with the site I was downloading from, I used my old XP machine and downloaded the file fine. Oddly enough, the Windows 7 box downloaded the same file fine as long as I was also running the transfer on the XP machine. I tried the same thing on another file, both systems downloading at the same time and no timeouts. Tried again on a third file and about half way through, stopped the transfer on my XP machine. The Windows 7 box downloaded about another 5M and timed out. Is there something I need to tweek on the network settings to keep this from happening. I don't have any problems browsing, just downloading.

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