Windows 7 INTERNET PROBLEM!! I need a solution please!


I have the newest version RC7100 i believe

Anyways , it seems to have some serious internet issues. My connection will randomly go into limited connectivity, or web pages time out and i have to close firefox, then re open and it works again.

Any fixes for this? i tried editing system.ini , tried turning off the computer shutting off the ethernet card to save power. What else could work? And it seems to be a problem with my browsers only? I use the windows 7 firewall with kaspersky anti virus. And thats it for security, no router direct to the box.



what model mobo, NIC?
Try different/newer NIC drivers.

I have newest of every driver, i have an XPS1730 . Works fine with xp/vista so lol :)

Can someone help, its like the internet works, then not then works then not.. Limited connectivity shit

Mine does that too once its been in sleep. I just have to restart and it works agian. Frustrating though. good thing W7 boots qucikly!

Well,,, this is a NIC driver issue.


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Browser hangs

I'm having the same problem with both IE 8 and Firefox. Initially first sites I go to (either ZohoMail or ZohoCRM) both load quickly but then after about 5 minutes I get 'connectivity issues' and both browsers hang. I'm using ESET NOD32 for antivirus; have all latest drivers. Doesn't seem to care whether I'm at home or public coffee shop enviroment. Vista works fine but 7 just does not seem happy with either browser.

I'm open to suggestions/solutions.


Just a thought and no idea if it will solve the problem, but have you tried disabling the power management feature on the actual network interface card? You can get to it using device manager then finding the network card (under network adaptors), right clicking properties and then selecting the 'Power Management' tab. From there try disabling all of the options. This option was not in XP and was disabled by default in Vista.

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