Windows 7 - Internet Problem

Its an internet problem in my PC
I am 100% its not the NIC nor the Cable.... nor the modem it self...
It just says unidentified network... while at first it starts connecting when I insert the cable which means the cable is working and the cable plug in the PC is working too...
I know how to fix it, I have to do a format but then after a day it happens again...
I already done like 5 formats... just finished one now
Any suggestions??

Try rebooting your router if you have one.. and the modem.

Also ... under Scheduled Tasks, disable RAC.

I do have a router but its in my dads office which is very close to where I live I even have a cable from the office to my room but now the office is closed and I dont have the key...
But why I just instantly lose connection??
Its like I have internet now I turn the PC off and turn it on no internet!
While on all the other PCs I have there is internet...
I even got my laptop and plugged my PC cable in and it had internet connection...
The problem is in the PC or the OS it self... as I tried to update the driver of the NIC and I went to device manager to check if it working correctly and it was...
And whats RAC BTW?? I forgot..

I think its some kind of diagnostics gathering service... but it's related to network it seems to run randomly and some suspect it causes conflicts.

So do you know what should I?
I had W7 RC2 and it was all perfect then I installed a 90 days trial of W7 Enterprise and it all started and now I have W7 Ultimate RTM and it still happens!

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