Windows 7 is frying my processor

My Toshiba laptop is running really hot. Running Windows 7. I have gone into the settings and it is on active cooling in processor power management. It goes up to 190 degrees. I have blown out the vents with an air can, it’s all clean. I look at task manager and there is little CPU usage, so nothing really going on. If I boot off of a Unbuntu CD and check the temp it is around 130 or so. It seems like Windows 7 is not trying to control the fan.

Any registry hacks or something that I am missing?


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Did the laptop originally come with Windows 7?
Have you installed all the drivers from Toshiba?

It came with Vista and I upgraded. It has all the current Toshiba drivers on it.

PS, I am on it right now with nothing running other than Firefox and it is at 180.

The fan doesn't kick in.

More info. It's a Toshiba A215-S5837 with a Turiion x64 TL 60. Which I did hear runs hot......But why the difference?

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Maybe it's the upgrade instead of a clean install.

It didn't run this hot under Vista. I upgraded about a year ago and didn't notice any difference. It just started doing this lately. With Vista I could hear the fan speed up and slow down. Now it runs but at the same speed. Funny thing is that during boot, right after the bios, it runs fast, then it slow down when windows starts.

Could be that something went on the MB. Like a sensor or something. But it still reads the temp so not sure.

I did a sfc /scannow to see if there were any files that were corrupt and nothing came up. I have to believe that this is software related because the fan can speed up.

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Have you loaded any motherboard/chipset drivers from the manufacturer?

There are also about 6 or 7 different models, would you give us the family the system is in so we can look for drivers?

As far as I know I have the latest drivers from Toshiba

I am using it but it is running hot. Right now about 180 degrees. But still working.

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190!! wow thats hot

usually within the BIOS

there is an option that changes the fan speed when a certain temperature is achieved.

also if you can control the fans, i would say to download "speedfan" as an examples to moniotr the temp in windows (if you havent got one already )

check the bios to see if there is any options to alter the temperatures at a certain temperature. i mean most components can handle 200 before it drops out and breaks so i would be VERY careful .... are u sure you have cleaned the correct fans, and make sure that the fans are able to spin freely, some times dirt or debrs can prevent the fans from spinning

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It sounds like a bad driver or setting. I fried my video card last year when the newest driver had a defect controlling fan speed. Have you installed or updated anything new since this problem started? You never know what will cause a conflict.

Ya, I did upgrade to the latest video driver. But would that play with the processor? I know it is is shared memory.

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Thanks for your thoughts. I know it is is running hot. I got a fan on it right now. Just wondering why Windows isn't spinning up the fan. I get in to the BIOS and there is nothing that I can do. It's really basic. Nothing about temp.

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Did the video driver update and the temp problem start about the same time? If it's an integrated video card it might be part of the problem. If the two times coincide try reinstalling the older driver. Does the video card have any fan options for fan speed etc?

There are no fan options on anything that I can find other than Active under Processor Management in Windows. However, I am going to back up my video driver and see what that does.

I'll let you know.


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What is telling you the CPU is running hot?

You said it runs cooler with Linux, does that mean the fan is running then?

Could it be an error in the temp reporting in Windows 7?

Your bios may have a setting where you can set temp limits and give you a warning if those are exceeded. If it does, have you tried that?

Yes the fan runs faster under Linux. I just booted off of a CD but it seems to control it. I can't figure out why Windows doesn't speed up the fan when needed. I am guessing the hardware is working because Linux can speed it up. The bios in this machine is very basic. I can't find any temp settings. It does protect itself because it got too hot and just shut down. Right now it's at 178 using CPUID HWmonitor.

OK, I did put the older video diver on it and it is running cooler. But what the heck.......didn't want to say what I really wanted to say. That should not be an issue. It's an ATI chip but that should not make the processor run hot. Still hot, 168 but should still be cooler.


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I have asked for your full model identifying information. The Toshiba A215-S5837 is not enough. What family is it from.....

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I found this page that talks about installing Windows 7 on a system. I do not know if your computer is one that is supported for a Windows 7 upgrade.

These are some of the comments made. When you say you have the latest Toshiba drivers, I will assume you have done the recommended procedures. Also, you did not indicate whether you are using a 32 of 64 bit version, make note of the bios comment.

# Note: Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7 will install any updates for Toshiba drivers and utilities required for hardware features and functionality following the installation of Windows 7. If updates are needed for bundled or added 3rd party application software that is not required for hardware functionality, contact the application software vendors.

# If you will be upgrading to the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you may need to first update your BIOS. Click here to see if your laptop requires a BIOS update prior to installing 64-bit Windows 7.

Download and run the Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7 to install drivers and utilities from Toshiba. Click here to download the Toshiba Software Installer for Windows 7. For more information about this program, read Toshiba tools to simplify the Windows 7 installation process.

It's 32 bit and it is running cooler on the old video driver but still can't figure out why Windows 7 won't speed up the fan.

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