Windows 7 is Missing

Hi, I have been using the Release Candidate of Windows 7 for a bit now and recently wanted to reinstall an overcrowded Vista which is on the C:\.

Heres the Rundown before I continue:

Before Windows 7:

3 Partitions: 1) A Recovery Partition 2) C:\ - Vista - 32-Bit 3) D:\ - Data


4 Partitions: 1) A Recovery Partition 2) C:\ - Vista - 32-Bit 3) D:\ - Data 4) E:\ Windows 7 - 32-Bit

Then I decided my Vista was overcrowded and a waste of space so I put in a Vista Ultimate 64-Bit (64-Bit because a mate said it would work and Im planning on upgrading to 4GB RAM from 2GB soon). After Install I dont get the Boot Selection Menu with the previous setup and Windows 7 is apparently non-existant. I have downloaded a Boot-US and I cant detect anything.

So here it is:

Partition 1: Recovery Drive
Partition 2: C:\ - Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit (2GB RAM)
Partition 3: D:\ - Data Drive
Partition 4: E:\ - Windows 7 32-Bit

No other OS is being detected from Ultimate.

Please Help...

Thanks in Advance


Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. ;)

I'd say the problem is you installed Vista after Windows 7.. which is why you now can't see 7.. When dual-booting the proper order to install the OS's is from old to new.. ;) Windows 7 is still there (as long as you didn't format the partition that has Win 7 on it when you reinstalled Windows Vista). The boot manager is what's most likely messed up..

I would recommend downloading EasyBCD (available as a free download here: Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies ) This app allows you configure the Boot Manager to your liking.. You should be able to use it to go in and restore Windows 7 to your boot menu..

If this doesn't work for you please let me know and we'll try something else.. ;)

Hi Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded the program but I have no Idea what to do. I tried going to Add/Remove Entries and then addiing one under the E:\ with windows vista/longhorn option but I nothing. I have also used all options in the Dianostics option.

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