Windows 7 is not displaying right

I have NVIDIA GTX 560,before I had ATI RADEON 3600 HD Series.

Problems started with ATI when I quited from game resolution changed so I needed to change it.

I found good resolution,but this happened few times and there is no good resolution.
Everything looks to small or to big,to wide or to short (using different resolution does not help I try them all out with all possible modes (16:9,14:9) also changing cable does not helps)

After few weeks I got HDMI cabel.Resolution was good everything was OK as it should but now is another problem.
Everything looks like it is in set on low quality and its blurry to.

I dont know what to do because I try all possible modes on HDMI to overscan off/on 16:9,14:9 changing settings in nvidia control panel...
No way to get it work.

Also I have 21,6 inch LCD tv with default resolution 1360x768
I dont know does this helps but my TV is recognized as Generic non-PvP monitor.

If you know how to help me please help. :(


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If I wasn't worried about the sound, I will always use a DVI cable instead of HDMI. The reason is the DVI seems to be able to use the exact resolution the TV needs, where the HDMI may need to be scaled to fit the screen correctly.

But use the Nvidia control panel and set the resolution and refresh rate, then, if necessary, scale the output to fit your screen.

Are there any drivers available for the TV?

My TV does not support DVI and there is no drivers for it.


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You obviously have one monitor, plus the TV? So you use them as two monitors? Please give the models.

Your card should support Mini HDMI. I suggest you start all over again: uninstall and re-install everything that has to do with video card and / or TV. Stick to default settings. After that, report.

Best wishes. :)

I have only TV and I done that 3 times,even reinstalled windows.

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