Windows 7 is slower than windows vista...for my laptop. Help me fasten it!!~

I just upgraded my laptop to windows 7 three days ago and i got to say, its kinda lag. I use google chrome and during the 'vista era', i can open as many tab as i want. But now the most is only three and if i open more my laptop will slow down..badly. Scrolling pages down is...abomination. And also when i open itunes and windows media player, it takes ages for them to load.(appro. 30sec) So i am hoping if someone can let me know how to increase and achieve the speed of windows 7. Should I format my laptop rather than upgrading it and i look forward for your prompt response regarding this matter. Thanks in advance!

Inspiron 1520


32-bit OS

Windows 7 Home Premium

I am noticing a slow-down too. I have 3GB ram and using 32-bit Home Premium. And have am getting a load of slow downs. Any help would be also good.

Well after the clean install, my CPU usage is still around 80-90% when opening a program like google chrome. But i guess its faster than upgrading it. Hmm i start to wonder, is this because of me using centrino duo? The CPU cant keep up the speed. Any help will be good. XD

If you have a dual-core processor and 3-4 GB of RAM then W7 should run smoothly. First suggestion would be to visit your respective manufacturer's websites and grab all the latest drivers there. The drivers that are installed by default or the ones from Windows Update won't usually give you the best performance for your machine, especially drivers for your integrated video. This will cause the lag when using browsers etc.

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Hi Drew,

Thanks for your help. But i've tried all that. Im currently searching for my comp's windows 7 driver. I guess thats my reason. Well let see whats the problem soon. Thanks anyway, i really appreciate your help.

Nah its okay.. I solved it. Just reinstall the OS by using 64-bit. Now its running like a horse~!!! well faster than that.. Anyway thanks lot~!!

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