Windows 7 iso, new laptop, simple question.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by everdox, Oct 6, 2010.

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    Oct 6, 2010
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    I just bought a new Acer laptop, it should arrive in the next few days. it comes preloaded with windows 7 x64 home premium. i have been using and building desktop computers for awhile and I have always done clean installations with my oem discs.

    i understand that the case is different when it comes to laptops as your reinstall/recovery disc is from the manufacturer.

    im kind of anal when it comes to unneeded processes and or bloatware. i am expecting this laptop to arrive filled to the brim with it. i would assume that the bloatware would also be contained on the reinstall disc, thus doing a fresh installation once i get the laptop would be rather useless.

    i dont know if this is possible but could one download (if it exists) a windows 7 x64 home premium iso and or borrow it from a friend and then use the cdkey/serial branded on my laptop to activate it? or would that not work.

    im quite use to having to call up microsoft and have them reregister my key or whatever after changing hardware in my computer and reinstalling using my oem disc, so if its a similar case ill understand.

    thanks for the help.
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    The best i can say here is that i share your concerns.
    First of all, you are correct that whatever brand of PC you order you will get pre-installed software. Also in the case of Acer this will be true. It is your choice however to decide if removing this unwanted software is faster and more easy then a complete re-install. My first guess would be removing the software, but thats my personal opinion of course.

    Second: are you sure you will get an (oem) installation kit with win 7? I'm afraid Acer will give you certain driver cd's and additional software, and the pre-loaded win OS will be on a (hidden) partition.

    Third i think it will not be possible to use a different win7 os version CD with an OEM installation key. I'm not sure about this, but it has been allready the case with XP that your serial was not accepted unless the version (SP pack, Home, Pro) was the same as version of your installation key. (in other words: a Home installation will not work with a Proffesional installation key)
    If this is the case also with OEM or open license (and i'm afraid it is), then you are not able to install unless you use another (clean) OEM version of Win7.
    if however the installation is succesfull, i don't expect the actual activation will be a problem since that mainly involves checking hardware components.

    Please keep us informed since i'm interested in the outcome.

    regards, Mast
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    I don't think it's simple. You might take time and search here and see it they have anything helpful.vLite - MSFN Forums It will probably be a lot more trouble than you want.

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