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Microsoft Windows 7 is more popular due to leaking bits of windows 7 build. From start of Windows 7 development process we have seen Windows 7 build getting leaked on internet with latest Windows 7 Build 7264 from RTM branch leaking.
Most of the time Windows 7 Builds are leaked as ISO torrent file meaning you can burn this iso on CD and install it on any computer like Orignal Windows 7 CD. However we can’t rely on such sources since it could be tempered Windows 7 setup and infected with viruses and malware.
You must verify file checksum & hashes to know the authenticity of Windows 7 ISO downloaded from un-trusted sources. But most of the users don’t know how to verify checksum for those users here is Windows 7 ISO Verifier created by Long Zheng from istartedsomething.

You just need to drop & drag exe onto Windows 7 ISO verifier or double click on it and navigate to the file. Windows 7 ISO Verifier will generate a Hash and compare it with a list of known and trustworthy hashes of ISOs to tell you exactly which build version and architecture it is known to be.
This list will be updated live over the web so you won’t have to redownload the app.
Download Windows 7 ISO Verifier

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thanks busydog

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Hey busydog,

I was just about to post this as well.

I'm glad I caught your post first.

It seems this app comes a little late however as we're ending the downloads for the RC candidate.

I use a program called HashMyFiles v1.47

It calculates Calculate MD5/SHA1/CRC32 hashes of your files.

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