Windows 7 - Judder and lag on Dual Monitors

When I do a clean install of windows 7 I can move windows around the screen with no lag or juddering, however when windows media player is open or anyother graphical app is open on my left hand monitor (secondary) i get juddering and lag moving windows around. My system should definatly not be gettign this, and i have updated my gfx drivers. Any ideas?

EDIT: I also get juddering and lag when a graphical app is on the right hand monitor but not always.

System Specs: ASUS Striker Extreme Mobo, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHZ, 2GB 1066MHZ RAM, 3 HD's in a RAID 0 for system, 2 Storage Drives, 8800GTX graphics, Creative x-fi xtreme gamer soundcard, 2 x 22" widescreen monitors at 1680 x 1050.

I'm having the same problem with an Nvidia GTX 260 Core 216 and the newest Nvidia drivers on 64 bit Windows 7 Professional. I have two 1920x1200 monitors and with only one monitor enabled there's no lag, with both enabled there is window judder and lower framerates on flip3D and other Aero effects. I didn't have this problem with Vista.

Any solutions for this or is it an Nvidia driver problem?

Other relevant specs:
2.66GHz Core i7

same for me got a gtx260 quad core q6600 and 4gb ram and haveing very bad issues ive noticed my cpu spiking alot not sure if its related but mouse jerks across the screen im getting delay in all things and also some sound artifacts at times

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