Windows 7 Jump List Task Functions not working..

I apologize in advance if I post a question that has already been posted - but I'm kinda guessing that this problem has not solved yet but I'm hoping anyways..

[ My start menu bar - jump list tasks ] has been having problems recently. I've tried reinstalling (clean) windows and the problem came back soon after I install everything back = =.

Basically this is what's been happening Windows Live Messenger won't change my status from the Jump List or Sign me out or any other features like that. Internet Explorer has the same problems, same goes for Windows Media Player.

Believe it or not, I actually signed up for this forum for this particular problem. I know it's not a big deal - but this problem is killing me, because I actually like the new jump list function.

=( Any ideas?


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What are some of the programs you re-installed with Windows? Because it sounds like one of them might be causing the problem.

Hey, thank you for your reply. The last installed-programs were Limewire, and OpenOffice. Which I dont think could be causing the problems, because I didn't Installed them during my last install =/ ..


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Where did you get your copy of Windows 7?

school w/ discounts = = unless their selling me fake ones..


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So was it the Windows 7 Student offer?


well im giving up on it pretty soon ..imma give it one last try =/ if it still doesnt work then i give up and going back to vista or xp


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The reason your jumplists are disappearing is because you have an upgrade only copy of Windows 7. If you go out and buy the full version, you shouldn't have any problems.

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