Windows 7 Key trouble


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I recently bought a brand new desktop PC and with it came a Window 7 key, which obviously was brand new. The hard drive in the PC was faulty, so I sent it back and used my old one from my old PC, I put the disc in with Windows 7 on it, but DID NOT put the key in, it let me use it for around 30days before I had to put the CD Key in, which by the time that was to "run out" I would have my new Hard drive delivered, and would put Windows 7 on it.

My new Hard Drive turns up, I put Windows 7 in it and go to put in the key but apparently the key is "faulty". This is a sealed copy of Windows 7. What can I do to fix this.? I keep getting messages saying to validate Windows, and everytime I put this key in it dosen't accept it and says its faulty.

Any help would be great.


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A quick call to MS support explaining the faulty drive replacement fiasco, MS should give you a new Key.

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Thanks for the help, a number came up when I tried to activate my key, so I rang it and it was an automated service, which gave me a key.