Windows 7 Keyboard does not work but mouse does


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Hi all, I really need help with this problem.

Shortly after installing the latest intellipoint drivers suggested by Windows 7 along with several other updates from windows update, my Microsoft Keyboard stopped working after windows boots up. The mouse works fine but the keyboard does not.

The keyboard doesn't respond AFTER windows starts but works fine in BIOS.

I can boot to safe mode using F8 but then the keyboard stops working once Windows prompts me to logon. I can even use the sleep mode button on an alternate keyboard (Logitech) I tried later just to debug the problem to put the computer to sleep but the keys to log on aren't responsive.

The computer succesfully restarted a few times after installting the updates so it may not directly be related to the windows updates. Either way, it didn't happen on next bootup.

-I tried all my system restore points and that did not work,
-I tried the "on-screen" keyboard just to get past the logon, but it does not pop up. I can get it to pop up in another installation of windows 7 on the same computer.
- I tried the keyboard on a separate (new) installation of Windows 7 on the same computer and it does work fine, but that doesn't solve the problem. Also the "on-screen" keyboard works fine in the new installation.
-I've tried going into BIOS and setting num-lock boot to on (I don't know why but someone suggested this might work for a similar problem) but it didn't work for me.
- I've also tried a few BIOS options that look like they might make a difference like legacy USB 3.0 support but that did not work.
- different USB ports 2.0 or 3.0 for the receiver combo do not make a difference.

Also a clean re-install is not an option for me because the licenses used for Windows and MS Office won't allow another install.

I can get to a dos prompt or access the non-working windows 7 drive and files with dual-boot, but I need to get back to access that installation.

Is there a way to manually reinstall the drivers via DOS, the other partition, or some other solution that might work?

spending several days trying to get Microsoft Windows to work with A Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse combo is beyond frustrating.

Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium (non-working but activated)
Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium (working but not activated)
MS Office 2007
AVG Anti-Virus
I have a Microsoft Natural Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo 7000.
I have also tried a Logitech Y-RJ20 combo (Ps/2 keyboard, and USB mouse)

ASUS P867LE Motherboard with i7-2600k CPU.
Samsung SSD Drive on non-working partition
Maxtor 320gb Drive on working Windows 7 partition


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IntelliPoint is generally not required for a keyboard to work, but adds enhanced features through its driver and software suite. I also noticed the latest IntelliPoint update on Windows Update, but I am using a wired mouse/keyboard. Consider completely uninstalling IntelliPoint software from Control Panel or plug in a different wired keyboard until you can get this sorted. A clean install over a non-responsive keyboard would be silly. Its very likely an error has simply occurred since you updated this software. System Restore may not help you in this instance if changes were made to the registry that cannot be rolled back.

Try uninstalling this software completely, acquire a backup keyboard/mouse, re-install the software from Microsoft's IntelliPoint website, and see if you can still use your keyboard. The fact that it functions outside of Windows proves this is an operating system error.

See also:

Install mouse and IntelliPoint software

A backup keyboard right now will save you potentially hours of frustration and it is usually good to have one in general. If you are using a wireless keyboard, and that keyboard is not functioning, that would be a very good explanation for the problem you are having. I have abandoned wireless keyboard/mice due to the constant annoyance of battery and reception issues. I believe you would be best suited by uninstalling IntelliPoint completely, rebooting, seeing if you get your keyboard back, and then attempting a reinstall of the software.


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I may have been unclear or used incorrect terms - but I can't logon to do any changes to the one copy of windows on that machine that I need to get into.

I installed another copy of windows in a new partition on the same machine just to test the keyboard and mouse which work fine for a fresh install.

But, I'm unable to get past the logon screen to do any uninstalls or change anything directly on the copy that I want to make work.

Also for the broken installation: different Keyboards (wired or unwired) also don't work. neither does the "on-screen" keyboard.


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Ok, thanks, I'll give this a try but one question:

Will this just update my boot choices or will it copy the keyboard drivers over to the non-working windows installation?

Both copies of windows show up on the boot menu right now and I can get all the way to the logon screen on both where it asks me for a password.

If I understand this correctly, It will just update my boot choices.


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You are correct, if you already can access both installs, disregard the instructions.

I can't think of a way for you to access the login if your keyboard does not work for some reason. The update may have gotten corrupted and caused a problem, or maybe a virus is at work. Have you tried booting a virus checking utility?

Have you tried booting without the keyboard and then plug it in later, or unplug and replug it?

You can remove update packages from a Command window. I have not done it, but it seems you need to know the package number. Maybe that would be on your other install. I will have to do some research, but I think the utility is called Pkgmgr or something like that.

I also have a keyboard similar to yours, maybe I can check for it.

You might also try running the System File Checker from the recovery utility in the command prompt window. sfc /scannow after you get to the install you want to check.
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Any chance you had your system set to enable remote desktop?

If you use the Repair my Computer F8 option, have you tried the last known good? This is supposed to replace the registry with a copy, not a restore point, I don't believe.


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Login tot he save mode with networking check whether your keyboard working if yes the open registry take backup of your registry browse to this locaiton HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall check wtih each register value under uninstaller. delete the key related to keyboard software.


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Unfortunately, Last known good configuration does not work. Or any of the other F8 options including unsigned drivers or safe mode, safe mode with networking.

Also , I have home premium and MS took the option away to remote in with Windows 7 for non Pro versions.
I don't think I have any other way of getting in other than through the command prompt or another installation.

Also putting the computer to sleep, then waking it up with the keyboard works to wake it up, but I can not type into the logon or use the on-screen keyboard.
While the computer was asleep I also tried changing the keyboards USB and PS/2 ports with different keyboards but it just wont accept anything into the logon screen.

I would have thought it was a virus but I scanned the entire system from another partition with AVG, Malwarebytes, and Windows security and it has come up clean.

thanks for trying and please keep the suggestions coming though :) I'd really like to get back into this installation :)


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If you have another installation of Win 7 for repair purposes, you can run a System File Check on the bad install. But doing a repair install normally does that anyway. You can also replace files using the other install. but you might want to make sure the updates on the temporary install are current so any files replaced is the same as the old install.

You have run Startup Repair at least 4 times, right?

You might also set the recovery options to make a boot log. Later you can look for ntbtlog.txt in the Windows directory. This may or may not help, depending on where the problem is.

Maybe something replaced one of your system files, like Logonui.exe. or maybe even winlogon, hard to say. But once I had a virus and it replaced a registry entry for one of the essential boot files and I could not log on, and eventually had to redo the system.

If nothing else copy all your files so you will have them just in case.
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A quick update:

Thanks everyone for your suggestions but

After trying SFC which started but did not complete , and also trying pkgmgr. Also replacing countless .dll's logonui.exe, and others files. I finally gave up and reformatted the drive with a clean install and all service packs.

I WAS able to get in momentarily by placing a SATA drive in one of the top drive bays which then caused the ON-SCREEN keyboard to pop up (dont ask me why) but once in, the problems didnt stop. I was unable to uninstall or even reinstall the Intellipoint Drviers. Uninstall said there was an error with the installer service which the KB pointed to MSCUII2 which was removed due to problems and a re install errored out because it thought there was already a later version of intellipoint installed.

After trying a few more things and uninstalling the licensed software I was worried about, and de-registered my PC from iTunes I finally gave up and decided to start again.

A few things I learned: 1. If you too run into this problem and are looking for solutions, Unfortunately I haven't seen any successful post on the forums that let you get you past logon unless the spare drive solution works for you.

2. I will never intentionally buy Microsoft products or OS again. I can't even begin to understand why Microsoft Windows 7 doesn't not work with Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse and Microsoft driver. Very basic. Additionally after spending the night creating a clean install and the service packs, Windows 7 doesn't work with natively to see a Windows HTC Phone because Windows Mobile Device Center was not installed. I had to download WMDC to even get the (Microsoft) OS's to talk to each other. This is beyond frustrating and a waste of time. -- I am about to become a "Mac"


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I had a simlar problem with a logiteck keyboard - I removed the dongle and put it into another USB port, this reset the drivers and hey presto :eek:



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I have just encountered this problem on my netbook with windows 7 starter installed. An application became unresponsive and it was not possible to start task manager, shutdown did not work at all so after a couple of minutes I had no other chance but force power off. After rebooting the mouse worked but the keyboard did not. Tried to connect a USB keyboard as well but it was useless but both keyboard worked in BIOS!

Here is how I solved this problem:

1. Use another computer and download the "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor"
It is only 4MB. Burn a CD or make a bootable USB drive of it.

2. Use this tool to clear your password on your failed computer. Clear = no password as we can not use the keyboard.

3. Reboot your system, select your (or an admin) account. As you do not have a password you are in.

4. Go to Device Manager. You will see that the keyboard is marked. On my laptop the touchpad was marked as well. Right click on these devices and select Uninstall. If Windows asks chose "keep drivers". (I was not able to reinstall these devices at this state.)

5. Reboot. During startup Windows will re-recognize your keyboard and touchpad.

6. Enjoy your old-new system.

Hope this helps someone :)

Edit: btw don't forget to apply a new password
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I've arrived in a similar condition but from a different source. My wife was trying to log into our bank website and she got a warning that opening 32 windows would slow down performance or words to that effect. She closed Chrome and tried to use ie explorer instead. She got the same message and so she rebooted. Now the keyboard doesnt work at the windows logon page but the mouse does. Both are wired usb devices. Running windows home premium 64 bit. Tried the solution mentioned above. Not sure im booting from cd even though I use f12 and specify the drive. Still end up at login page, keyboard doesn't work, and trying to use no password just gives an incorrect password message.


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I've arrived in a similar condition but from a different source. My wife was trying to log into our bank website and she got a warning that opening 32 windows would slow down performance or words to that effect. She closed Chrome and tried to use ie explorer instead. She got the same message and so she rebooted. Now the keyboard doesnt work at the windows logon page but the mouse does. Both are wired usb devices. Running windows home premium 64 bit. Tried the solution mentioned above. Not sure im booting from cd even though I use f12 and specify the drive. Still end up at login page, keyboard doesn't work, and trying to use no password just gives an incorrect password message.

An update I tried one more time to reboot and this time I used F8 during the reboot and did a memory scan. when the scan completed, I was back at the windows login but now my keyboard worked and I was able to login. The computer said the system had shifted to a restore point that I had tried to request earlier using a repair disk but I think because I couldnt get past the login, I didnt know if it worked or not. Running virus scans at the moment and so far nothing is turning up.


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There are 3 possible reasons this has happened:

  • The keyboard driver software is corrupted or not set up properly (especially with wireless keyboards). Rule out software failure.
  • The USB port is not recognized or malfunctioning. Try using a different port. Rule out USB failure.
  • The keyboard or receiver is physically broken. Try testing on a different device. Rule out hardware failure.
  • The operating system no longer has driver parity and the Windows Side-by-Side driver archive is corrupted. Rule out file system and operating system corruption.

In almost all instances, this should be possible with an additional keyboard. If not, a USB or operating system issue seems likely.

As @bbee recommended, it is possible to clear the password in the Linux boot environment, but if your keyboard still doesn't work there, this must be a hardware problem or serious misconfiguration if you're using a wireless keyboard w/USB dongle.


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I see this thread is a little dated, but here is possibly some useful info for the problem.

Have this issue on a dell 7020 desktop computer at work. it is in a lab of computers configured identically for a business lab. the mouse works fine in any port but the USB keyboard does not. took the computer to my office to work on it. Hooked it up to a KVM switch and was finally able to log into this system and start trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I found a setting called "toggle keys", once I un-checked that box the USB keyboard become more responsive. I returned the computer back to the lab hooked it up and the USB keyboard would not work at the log in screen. Anticipating possible problems i hooked up a PS/2 keyboard to the system. It did not work initially but after a reboot I was then able to log into the machine.

It is a really bizarre issue...the USB keyboard worked right up to the log in screen. was even able to ctl+alt+del to bring up the log in screen...and the whole time the USB mouse works in any port...tested other known working keyboards in all the ports..nothing.

A replacement system board had been ordered so I went ahead and replaced the system change...I had initially swapped a hard drive from working identical imaged the machine no change. swapped every part in the desktop system from identical working system no change.
flashed BIOS, re installed USB drivers and some other seemingly relevant change

I was able to get the USB keyboard to work somewhat at the desktop, but whenever a login with a password was required the USB keyboard would not work, but the PS/2 keyboard did, as well as the KVM switch connected keyboard. I have a few more things to try...but most likely this system will become an advanced replacement as it is a brand new Dell and this is the most economical conclusion for this system.

If you are looking for an easy fix..try the KVM switch type connection...or the PS/2 keyboard...just remember to reboot when you hook it up.

If I come up with any other ideas i will post it

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drsundhud: Thanks for the advice (ps/2 and/or KVM switch). I plan on giving it a try and let you ll know how it works.
Ok, so my desktop doesn't have a ps/2 port. Bummer. Anyway, in desperation, I just unplugged the USB keyboard and re plugged in to another port and voila! It worked! Weird. I'm just glad it worked.