Windows 7 keypad issue

Problem with my keypad.If i type the symbols " and ^ at the first time it don't perform any action.After that i press any keys it perform that operations.It works in ubuntu perfectly.But not in windows 7.Please help to resolve this.


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Could you rewrite the key commands you are trying to use, I am not familiar with what you appear to be asking.

Or what you are trying to do by using those keys.

If i press shift+6(^) and shift+'(") it doesn't works in first attempt.Then i press any keys it perform those actions. That's my problem.


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Is this a laptop keyboard or a USB/PS2? f you can change the keyboard, have you tried that?

Does this happen in all applications or just certain ones?

Are you dual booting Linux?

I am guessing the problem key combinations print nothing, but the keys used separately work normally?

If you use the onscreen keyboard do the key combinations work as they should?

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I have a laptop keypad.Yes you are correct.The keys work separately.The problem arise only if i go for combination of keys.


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I have been unable to find anything that might account for 2 of many key combinations not working. I have seen this problem before, but do not remember seeing a solution.

My best guesses would be:
Bad keyboard
Language setting
hot keys or short cut keys
Keyboard driver.

If you run any specialized software that might take control or somehow change the normal key signals, you might check that.

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