windows 7 Laptop not accessible in local network

I went through numerous similar threads, but unfortunately none had the problem I am facing.

I have a desktop and a laptop computer connected to the Internet over an ADSL router-modem.

The laptop is running Windows 7 Enterprise and the desktop is running Windows 7 Ultimate.

when clicking the Start -> Network button on my laptop, I can see my desktop and access it, but unfortunately I can't do it the other way arround.

both computers have full access to the internet and I have already tried connecting them through wireless and cable with no effect.



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Are you talking about using Remote Desktop?

Are you running a Homegroup?

Do you have anything shared on the laptop?

Could any firewall be blocking the access?

I do not run Enterprise, so could anything there be blocking the access?

Can you see the laptop in the Network and Sharing Center if you run a full map?

I have the same problem.
Windows Seven Ultimate in desktop and notebook connected to the Internet over an ADSL router-modem.
On the notebook I can access the internet and the folders of PC.
On PC I can see the two computers on network but when I click to access I receive the error '\\computer is not accessible'
I've tried eveything and nothing change.

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